15 February 2010

Rouge in Secret Training Session in New Zealand

Oldfartsurfer no. 45, Rouge, has been caught on camera undertaking secret training in New Zealand.  Pictured in his Original Series, individualy numbered, Old Farts Surf Co. Tee shirt with his Motivator, Oldfartsurfer No. 58, Rouge is pictured in high altitude training and riversurfing in an attempt to get his body in shape for the 7th Round of the Splinter Group World Series Surfing Championship.
(Rouge and The Motivator doing high altitude training in the Land of the Long White Cloud)
(Petite Rouge giving his old man some useful tips on riversurfing)
(Rouge takes a big drop on the river)
When asked for a comment on his training methods, Rouge refused to comment.  However, observers who paddled up the coast to spy on the sessions said The Motivator really put him through his paces, practicing going over the falls,  a technique developed recently by Oldfartsurfer No. 4, The Mexican, recently in Samoa.  When asked about the technique, Mex said "it gives you a good thrashing and is really character building and some people actually think it is fun" (refer previous article "Legendary Surf guide Leads Boys Over the Falls).
(Some hot action on New Zealand's wild west coast where Rouge has been in training)
(Rouge fans sneaking up the coast to watch their hero in action)
The plot thickens, will Rouge arrive and tackle the other Oldfarts in the Splinter Group "Somewhere" in the Southern Ocean swells, or will he go home to mummy?
For the previous report on Rouge click here.


Anonymous said...

Good to see Rouge has lost no style-can it be replicated Feb 21/22?

Anonymous said...

By the way 'anonymous' is Agent66 - having trouble signing up as a blogger.

Agent66 said...

Yes it was me I admit - walking up Lefroy Street(where I picked up a lovely Leigh Steven Swallowtail back in the seventies) but the bastards had closed down.

Can't go surfing unfortunately but hopefully Rouge and the CEO of OLD FARTS SURF CO. are available for a jam with 'Thin On The Ground' - good harmonies, goodvibes! Agent66 end of report.


Oldfartsurfer said...

Got my Tern in '73 before the Lefroy St factory closed down. 6'6" single fin, drilled a hole in the fin to tie a bit of nylon chord which was attached to my angle with a hanky.

Don't worry, the Mex will destroy your harmonies!