24 February 2013

Pissing down. Massive seas. 8' plus huge out of control.

This report just in from Oldfartsurfer No. 45, Rouge, about a session he had in Sydney yesterday.  The Oldfartsurfer, whilst not averse to to extending the truth in the name of a good story, decided that, in order not to destroy the pure surf stoke essence of the email, it would not be edited.  The following are Rouge's word's verbatim - honest!
"Pissing down.  Massive seas.  8' plus huge out of control.
Photos show dawn check at Palm Beach, then shots as we traveled down the coast looking for a dag.  I finally got a wave near Brownwater, at the boat ramp around the corner from Collaroy.  Never surfed their before.  The Aussie flag on the pole in the water put there by boaties to warn of hidden reef!  Looks better than it was."
(Palm Beach dawn check)
(looks better than it was!)

Rouge is to be commended for including a shot of his mates 9'6" McTavish Original.  OFSC Head Honcho, The Mexican said "we are rather partial to a McTavish as many of the OFSC team riders have McTavish Bobsleds.  This 9'6" McTavish Original looks the ducks guts, check out the channels in the middle of the bottom, awesome can't wait to have a crack at on of these beauties."
(9'6" McTavish Original)
In spite of the terrible conditions, Rouge is still stoked on his surfing and signed off his communique with "SRC - surf regardless of conditions!".  "Which is exactly what oldfartsurfing is all about" said the Mex.
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