31 July 2009

Old Fart Surfer Threatens to Hijack International Surfing

(Photo: The Mexican training for the new pro tour at a secret Pacific Location last month)

Old fart surfer and nine time world champ, Kelly Slater is reported to be backing a rebel pro surfing tour. The Australian newspaper reported today that the rebel group "have an in principal agreemetn with US pay television network ESPN". It appears that Slater's sponsor, Quicksilver is involved. Quicksilve International event director Rod Brooks is quoted as saying "in a year there is a possibility that there will be two world champions, but obviously that is not what we want to happen". The newspaper reports rumours that Slater has invested heavily in the breakaway group saying a press release will be issued soon.

Apparently the rebel tour will consist of 16 surfers (eight permanent, eight wildcards) in eight events run during five months in the late half of next year. Each event will ahve a wopping prize pool of $US1.5M which will make attractive to the top echelon of pros as the existing ASP tour only offers $340k per event spread between 45 surfers.

Is there an opportunity for retired oldfartprosurfers to dust off their Stingers, twinnies, side slippers, eggs and mals, double the yoga and pilates and get back on the circuit. Old Fart Surf Co. sponsored surfers Mex, The Dude and Macho are certainly considering a return to the lime light. "Hell, I'd take off on 60' Pedra Blanca and dropping in on my old foe Juan Kempes" said the Mex with a wry grin as his eyes glazed over as the competitive adrenalin started lifting his heart rate. Surfboard architect, Macho, said he was already designing a new quiver for the team with his new weight/ length/ width /fin/calorie/ testosterone formulae to optimise the boards for the boys. Mastersurfcraftsman, The Dude, has put in an order for special timber to make the new fleet of boards from. "I've discovered this timber" he said excitedly ," that has these magic properties that allow oldfartsurfers to catch and make impossible waves. They seem to fly effortlessly, almost like a hydofoil, even as you paddle for the wave."

29 July 2009

"The Mexican" Prototype Progresses

The Mastersurfcraftsman reports that the protoype for "The Mexican" 6'8" rounded pin is now ready for the rails to be attached. He reports that it is so beautiful that visitors to his workshop are eyeing it off lasciviously and he is going to have to complete it under closed shop conditions to prevent theft or other unmentionable moral crimes.The Oldfartsurfer said that history is being made by The Dude as The Mexican will be the first hollow timber surfboard to bear the Old Farts Surf Co. label but all models, including The Dude and The Young Dude are now available. Click on the following link for ordering information:

26 July 2009

Mastersurfcraftsman Makes Sacrifice

The mastersurfcraftsman, The Dude himself, today made a sacrifice only board makers and surf photographers make, he didn't surf in order to promote the surf enjoyment of others. "I was working on the prototype for my new model 'The Mexican'" The Dude said covered in saw dust in his well appointed craftsman's workshop. "The surf was only small today so I guess it was was a 'small' sacrifice to make when working on a surf craft for Mex, such a great oldfartsurfer."

The efforts and skill of the great surfcraftsmen often go unnoticed. They are the great quiet achievers of our universe. Creating a prototype masterpiece board like this takes all the skill, energy and soul of the craftsman and leaves them spent. The Dude said, "I work 40 hours straight without having sleep or beer. After that I collapse in bed for 5 days and survive on sips of a secret revival elixer prepared and administered by the The Good Woman."

According to the mastersurfcraftsman, 'The Mexican' is a 6'8" rounded pin, modelled on 'The Young Dude', a 6'6" rounded pin but with a bit of extra thickness and width to take Mex's ageing bulk "But its still got all the attributes of a high performance Board to match his style and performance level." the surfcraftsman said.

So far 'The Mexican has been framed up with the top and bottom glued on ready for the final plan shap to be applied from the template.
The following photo shows 'The Young Dude' model upon which 'The Mexican' is based.

Below - The Mastersurcraftsman applies every ounce of his skill, energy and soul to create 'The Mexican'.

To order an Old Farts Surf Co. hollow wooden surfboard hand crafted by mastersurfcraftsman, The Dude CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING PHOTO:

19 July 2009

Small Goats

From giant squid to small goats, it was all happening this weekend.

Giant Squid

Check out the following blog for some interesting stuff on giant squid attacking divers in California:


"July 17th, 2009, 9:50 am ·

Some local scuba divers are opting to stay away from La Jolla waters, after word of Jumbo squid attacking under water is sweeping through the tight-knit community.

According to the Associated Press, thousands of 5-foot-long jumbo flying squid are washing up dead on the beaches, but live ones are also in shallow waters attacking humans underwater.

“La Jolla is probably not a great place to go right now,” said local diver Peter Corliss. “I’m not planning on doing any La Jolla night dives.”

Orange County had its introduction to these massive sea dwellers a few years back, when more than 1,000 of them mysteriously washed up dead on shore in Newport Beach.

The Orange County Register’s Pat Brennan the other day wrote about local fishermen catching them off Huntington Beach - a signal that they may be heading toward local shores. Just last night, Davey’s Locker out of Newport Beach reported 163 of the squid caught on one of their charter boats.

It seems they’re back in So Cal – with a vengeance."

For footage check the following You-Tube video:


12 July 2009

Any Day

OK, guys this was the best we could get all weekend, but hey, when yer over 50 any day you get a wave is a good day. Just read an anrticle in ASL that had a picture of a great wave on Sydney's northern beaches and the caption read that all the guys out were over 50, eveyone else must have been at school or work. Oldfartsurfers rule.
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05 July 2009

100 Reasons - A Tasmanian Surf Film

The Oldfartsurfer had the pleasure of attending the launch of 100 Reasons a short surf film by brothers Liam and James Correy. The film was shown along with a photogaphic display "The Craft of Adventure, Tasmania and Beyond" at the Long Gallery, Salamanca Place on 4 - 5 July. With photos taken by Liam Correy and Jack Robert-Tissot. According to the blurb for the launch 100 Reasons is a:

"Short surf film ‘One Hundred Reasons’ by Liam (23) and James (20) Correy follows their incredible twenty-day, unassisted bush walking and surfing journey from Strahan to Melaleuca in South West Tasmania. Photographer Jack Robert-Tissot (23) will exhibit his finest pictures, local musicians Sam J Nicholson and Billy Whims will warm the stage and guest speaker Marion Abraham (22) will tie the talents together."

The film is a gem, and is unlike any other surf film as it is more of a documentary story about a surf adventure. As a surf adventure there are certain similarities with films like Endless Summer or the more recent Aussie surf road film Lost & Running, but this is much more of a personal journey to the wilderness that is crafted with warmth and humour. According to the trailer "there are two types of people - those who carry surfboards and those who don't" . That says a lot about the spirit of the film.

You would be excused for thinking the Correy brothers are a bit crazy. Why would you carry a 50kg pack and a surfboard into the wilderness for 20 days of hardship and pain on the faint hope of getting a wave? A bit like why climb a mountain I guess - because its there. However, you have to admire the initiative and the adventure in a couple of young dudes and this comes across in the way the film is edited. There are some nice little waves but the fact that they didn't find too many gives a focus to the story and the adventure of it.

There are DVDs of the film available, not sure where at this stage but will try and find out. Hopefully this film will be seen more widely as it is refreshing after all those surf videos full of wave after wave of sponsored surfers doing arials get pretty tedius after 5 minutes. Or maybe that's just the oldfartsurfer's perspective.

All the proceeds from the The Craft of Advetnure exibition will go to the Thamarai Learning and Community Centre in India (www.thamarai.org). For more photos check out http://thecraftofadventure.wordpress.com/

04 July 2009

Successful Sea Trials of the Young Dude's Gun

The Young Dude took delivery of his hollow 6'6" rounded pin (pictured above) a couple of weeks ago but poor surf had frustrated any attempts of sea trials and getting the board up to reasonable speed. "I've had had 1' mushy beach breaks, rediculous 4' sand and seaweed straighthanders (refer post where The Dude tried to dial up some decent surf with a special iPhone application)" the Young Dude lamented, "but finally cracked onto some size and shape at Eaglehawk on 4 July". The forcast was for a 1.5m SE swell and west winds were forcast to blow 30-40knts with a front later in the day so the test crew, consisting of The Young Dude, the Dude (mastersurfcraftsman and the board's creator), The Other Dude and The Mexican decided to head down early. Arriving at first light with a cold rain and light offshore the crew found the beach closing out with the occassional hint of shape. The Other Dude, who was keen to crack onto some size, was keen but it was decided to check Tessos first. Tessos looked small and inconsistent but there were two brave soles out on Lufra reef. The reef was solid but looked impossible with the SE swell causing the end section to close down. The oldfartsurfers, The Dude and The Mexican decided they still had a lot to live for and decided not to take the long paddle out. The Mex said "its been 31 years since I last surfed the reef and you need the right equipment - balls". The crew then checked out Eggs, which was a bit smaller on account of the swell direction. Checking the surf in the rain the Mex came the grief in the mud, sliding into the cutting grass but despite the access difficulties, the crew decided the sea trials were on. Getting fully rubbered up for the 9 deg C air temp and 13 deg C water temp the boys found the path way to slippery for wettie boots and chaos rained as they all slid and caked themsleves in mud. The crew enjoyed some lovely 4' glassy take offs and the Young Dude, showing patience beyond his years, waited out the back to pick up the best of them. He had a grin from ear lobe to ear lobe and said "ooooh this board feels so good". "Sea trials a success" said The Dude, proud of both his creations.

The crew noticed that the swell was building and a couple of jet skis heading out to the reef so went back to check out what was happening. The following pictures tell the story. The reef turned on and so did Tessos which also got crowded. Surfed out the boys hit the bakery.

Lufra reef layout.

Lufra barrel 1.

Slotted at Lufra Reef.

Lufra barrel 2 - someone's in there!

Lufra barrel 3.

Imminent destruction on the lufra reef - yes there is someone in there!

Booger exits the reef.

Booger scraping the bottom of the barrel.

The Young Dude, The Dude and the other Dude contemplate mortality from the car park.

Tesso's turns on inside the reef for the more faint hearted.

Bottom turn at Tessos.

Empty Tesso's barrel.