29 June 2013

A little birdie told me

(The uninspiring Entrance)
Intrepid oldfartsurfer no. 45, Rouge, is winning the Old Farts Surf co. 2013 awards for the most surfs in 2013 by an oldfartsurfer.  "Not only is he our most prolific surfer but he is also our major contributor with a never ending account of his heroic oldfartsurfcapades" said Old Farts Surf Co. Head Honcho, The Mexican.  The Dude, Macho and the Mex have had trouble finding any sort of wave to surf over the past two months and have taken to mountain bike riding in a desperate attempted to get a surf stoke.
(Out of the way Birdie Beach)
These photos came with the following comments from Rouge:
"The girls left town for their annual weekend away.  My mate Buzzy and I decided to head up the coast (1hr 20min) for some greener pastures.  We surfed The Entrance rivermouth at 7 am.  Very small and uninspiring.  then drove north another half an hour to Birdie Beach (never been there) off the national park just near Budgewoi.  One of those out of the way beaches that we should visit more often.  Beaut little 2-3' lefthanders that got faster and faster as the tide went out.  I'll take you there next time you're in Sydney"
(Oldfartsurfer Rouge at Birdie Beach)
The Mexican said "I was impressed with the Rouge and Buzzy getting to The Entrance by 7 am, the girls were away so they could have slept off the hangover, perhaps they just didn't go to bed after partying all night".  The Oldfartsurfer is Gladdened that Bob continues to excel.
(Frazer Park pumping)