24 February 2011

CrossEyed & Painless, Live at Tom Price 1981

The Oldfartsurafer recently received a surprise package in the mail from Rouge (OFSC No. 45) containing a CD rarity - the 30th Anniversary edition and rremastered version of the infamous Live at Tom Price 1981 concert of West Aussie legends CrossEyed & Painless.  No explanation or covering note was proffered, however, this is one of the rarest and most unique recordings ever made.  Fans of the CrossEyes liken the Live at Tom Price 1981 recording  to The Shane's "Live at the Duke Vols 1 & 2" which celebrated the Mexican's (OFSC No. 4) 50th and the yet unheard Montague Street Back Shed recording of Cheech & Chong, the Nine Inch Nail and ex members of both The Shane's (Mex) and the CrossEyes (Rouge).  The uniqueness of the"Tom Price 81" album (as it is reverently referred to) is that it was recorded before CDs & MP3 players were invented.

According to the liner notes "If you happened to call into Tom Price pub in 1981, you might recall seeing 4 guys who travelled from Paraburdoo on Friday nights to play in the lounge bar.  Named after the Talking Heads album, the guys were a raw passionate acoustic combo, with a driving conga percussionist."  Rouge provided vocals, Bolero Acoustic 12 string and harp and the congas were provided by Chris De Burgh before he paid the ferryman instead of the lady in red.

(CrossEyed & Painless, circa 1981, Rouge on the bottom right)
The original recording was mixed live in 1981 by Ernie (who drove a fast milk cart out west) and recorded directly to a Maxell C-90 tape.  The old tape was discovered in a garage clean out in 2010 and skillfully remastered by Rouge using a Boss Digital Recorder BR-600,just in time for the 30th Anniversary.

The CrossEyes are gifted musicians who gave their own interpretation to classic modern songs of the time including songs by the Ozarks, Dire Straits, Taj Mahal, Talking Heads and Neil Young as well as an original by band member Wil Cuperus I'm OK, You're OK.  It is so good that tts hard to pick a highlight from the album, but the Little Feet Classic, Willin', stands out along with Neil Young's Cinnamon Girl.  The Tom Price 81 album presents a raw live performance in a mining town pub in outback Australia.  Pub music in Australia is about as good as it gets and this album is the next best thing to being there back in 81.

01 February 2011

Spot & Moose Redefine Mavericks

After conquering Canada, popular oldfartsurfers Spot (OFSC No. 6) and Moose (OFSC No. 5) heard there was a big swell headed towards Mavericks.   Spot was keen to take off behind the peak on some 20' bombs and Moose was keen to show her new big wave style.
(Huntington Beach)
Our team landed in LA and asked the local cab driver to take them to the big surf.  "He dropped us off at Huntington Pier" said Spot, "there was a bit of a ripple so we shot (from) the pier."  "It was really cool" said Moose.
(Venice Beach)
"After Huntington we hitched to Venice Beach for a romantic pre-Mavericks sunset" said Moose.  "That really set the mood for what was to come."  They got so moody in fact the then decided a detour via a Chateau Montelena.

(Chateau Montelena)
"We liked the wine so much we thought we might buy the Chateau" said Spot.  Moose said "the Chateau Montelena 1973 Chardonnay was exquisite and we spent the afternoon sculling down two bottles of the beautiful stuff".  "In the end we decided not to buy the Chateau because it had a really stupid philosophy of 'making best period' - go figure, I think the best period is the one we are in now" said Moose.  "Although it could get better" suggested Spot.  Quietly they both agreed that the pinot noirs didn't hold up to the Winstead pinot 1994.
(Spot at redefines Mavericks)
After sculling the two bottles of 73 Chardonnay and gorging on cheese Spot and Moose slept soundly and prepared their minds to take on Mavericks the next day.  There has been no further word on how they tackled the great wave although rumour has it that Spot has changed perceptions on what real surfing is in waves of consequence.