26 May 2009

Best Sea Trials Ever While Samoa Beckons

No photographic evidence yet but the Dude reports the best sea trials of the dude Boardever in 3' Eaglehawk. The mastersurfcraftsman reports that he and the board became one artful wave dancing organism as the board slid effortlessly over the glassy faces and carved smooth arcs commensurate with a 6'8' hollow timber fish carrying an oldfartsurfer.

The Mexican reflected on the missed opportunity to throw a sicky, chained to the office chair dreaming of perfect barrels he's going to get in Samoa in 2 weeks time. See attached photo for the break in front of his accommodation. When he got home a neat package from World Surfaris had arrived with his tickets. Stay tuned for more adventures.
The Mexican also had a surprise rap with The Doctor today while they checked out this blog and the web site (http://www.oldfartsurf.com.au/ - click on Stephanie) while the patients waited patiently (always wanted to use those two words together in a sentence). The Doc is now a confessed oldfartsurfer with sticker sponsorship and an XL Original Series Old Fart Surf Co. individually numbered Tee shirt on order (order by emailing oldfart@oldfarsurf.com.au with size an preferred colour).

13 May 2009

Sea Trials of the Dude Board

No photographic evidence but the inaugural sea trials of the Dude Board took place at a secret location in crap conditions in drizzling rain. "We had to undertake the trials in secret in case of failure so it had to be in crap conditions" said The Dude. The predicted 1.5m south easterly swell produced 2' dribble, but fanned by a light offshore the test team of The Dude, The Young Dude and The Mexican took to the sea just as the wind turned onshore and the surf became the worst crap you have seen. The Dude led the charge and paddled out and launched his new machine into a lumpy shore dump close out. "It was sensational" said the Dude, " my own home made hollow timber 6'8" fish worked a treat. It paddled in easily and was solid under my old fart feet, senational." the Young Dude tried it next and he managed to whip a bottom turn before the browny grey shore froth consumed him. "The old man's truly a master surfcraftsman being able to create this thing of beauty" was the Young Dude's summation. The Mexican then finished the trials with some beautiful headstands on the shallow bottom. " I almost broke my freakin' neck but it was a beautiful thing to ride over the falls".

The next day the sea trials continued in public in clean crisp sunny 4' Clifton Closeouts. This time some clean faces were scoured by the machine. The Dude's style was a sight to behold on his beautiful craft. Macho the legendary sea craft architect was there to test his scientifically designed fin placements and gave them his stamp of approval. "The Dude placed the fins perfectly and this placement is what gives the board its drive, stability and control" said Macho. "It made me feel young again just the way it slid over the surface". The Mexican, having recovered from his broken neck the day before rode a rare non closeout - a little fat left - to the beach. "The extra kilo of weight and the surface area helped me through the really really fat sections and it just kept going like a mal but with stacks of manouverability" said the Mex. Next he did a bottom turn and floated over the whitewater of a beautiful straighthander and pronounced it "cool". Afterwards, the crowd gathered in the car park and stared eviously at the beautiful craft and tried to paw its creator. Having achieved rock star status the Dude pulled on his sunnies and enjoyed his moment.

Old Fart Surf Co. Stickers Have Arrived

Old Fart Surf Co. announced today that they have taken delivery of 100 specially designed stickers. Watch this space for soon to be announced stickered Old Fart Surf Team.

06 May 2009

More Beer

The spoils of victory.

The Mex tastes the Byron Bay Brew

The Mex giving his opionion.

The Mexican sat at the bar nursing his glass of beer and tapped a message into his PDA: "Gouden Carolus - best beer ever made" just so he wouldn't forget when he recovered from his hangover. He also sent the message to beer drinking mates the Dude and Reeksy trying to impress. He was in Melbourne on business and and had been stood up by a mate who couldn't tell the difference between Tuesday and Wednesday to catch up for a beer. In his own mind he had impresssed the Belgium bar maid who was on her first night and learning the trade and had got her recommendation - a tripel donger - or something like that. It pale aled into insignificance when the more experienced bar maiden recommended the Gouden Carolus at $13 a small stubbie. He was on his second bottle of this Grange Hermatage of beers and the 8.5% alcohol was having its not unexpected effect on his financial prudence. Why was he drinking so much beer instead of wine these days?
This was the Mexs's third beer drinking session in 7 days. Its was all Reeksys fault. That Pom had introduced the boys to this magic stuff about a year ago. The new drug that tastes sooooo good. First of all it was the regular roudy beer tasting at the New Sydney called HOPS where brewers receive honest opinions on their pride and joy like "yer beer tastes like shit mate". Then it was the more refined (and lets not say pretentious) tasting at The Local where beer gets assessed on nose, mouthfeel, bitterness and hopiness (or was that happiness), and this is discussed endlessly. The Mex had cursed Reeksy for getting him to stand up as a newcomer make a fool of himself with his opinion of the Stone and Wood brew from Byron Bay in front of the brewer. It was easy to give an opinion sitting at the table among friends but making a public appraisal of a beer is terrifying when you don't want to imagine the brewer naked. Not all was bad though, how could it be, we were drinking beer, but there was a quiz proceeding through the night and having an expert like Reeksy and his mates on the Mex's team gave an impressive win and associated prize of - another beer!
Find out more from some dudes who are passionate about this stuff they call "social glue" and who know their malt from their hops: http://beerblokes.blogspot.com/

Shiny Example of Surfcraftsmanship from the Dude

The Dude's hollow timber 6'8" retro fish is finished. The Oldfartsurfer says its a shiny example of surfcraftsmanship from the master surfcraftsman himself. The final coat of expoxy has set and sea trials are about to commence.
Former four time World Champion, Tom Carroll said "Man, The dude has ripped off my fins" and then lamented "they are so much better than mine, they have the perfect shape that I spent so long developing but they are made out of this perfect piece of timber and they look so beautiful I could eat them". The Dude settled the copyright suit out of court by making Tom his famous gnochi gorganzola and home made capaccino. "Tom's a cool cat" said the Dude, " but he's becoming a bit of a fat cat the way he eats so much, he's like Occy on the roids".