30 December 2012

Fiji Episode 2 - Oldfartsurfing Research Continues

Those of you who read the first installment of oldfartsurfers Rouge (OFSC No. 45) and Mexican (OFSC No. 4) Fiji research trip might be forgiven for thinking that the Oldfartsurfer has dropped the ball on this.  The trip was in June and the first installment was in July.  The Oldfartsurfer begs your understanding as he was distracted with a big follow up research trip in search of waves and the north west passage in British Columbia and Alaska.  The Old Farts Surf Co. is relentless in its quest to find and report on the best oldfartsurfing experiences for oldfartsurfers.
(Mex numbs the tongue with Kava)
After a Kava ceremony initiation as Chief Bill of the tribe of Oldfartsurfers, The Mexican was seated on a throne wide enough to take the both bum cheeks of a 200 kg Samoan.
(Mex, aka Chief Bill, ascends the throne)
"It was a great honour to sit on the throne" said Mex, "At home I usually read a surfing mag on the throne, but there were none at hand so I had to enjoy the entertainment put on by our hosts."
(Mex helps guard the Fiji Presidents throne room)
The lack of door latches on throne rooms in Fiji and the plethora of coups meant that the boys  and support crew had to be constantly on their guard. "Bula is the word" said Rouge, "It is a friendly greeting and a way of saying everything is good.  We repaid our hosts generous hospitality by helping out with guard duties.  Mex even helped out guarding the throne room of the Chief of Chiefs, The President"
(One of our Fijian hosts guards Chief Bill's throne room)
After the massive surf of the oldfartsurfer's arrival day and the subsequent induction of Chief Bill, the oldfartsurfer's set about finding surf suitable for oldfartsurfers.  Key criteria were discussed over an evening gin and tonic but they forgot to make a record.  "I think we thought we should look for a place to surf where it is easy to paddle out, easy to catch a wave, is uncrowded, has a comfortable place for support crew to shop and have lunch whilst still affording photo opportunities"  said Mex.
(Sigatoka river mouth)
Mex and Rouge set out on their never ending research quest for oldfartsurfing waves.  The first port of call was Sigatoka where they called in to a local cafe to ask directions.  This is where they met a bloke/sheila called Mary.  "Mary was full of good ideas and, for a small deposit he/she was quite happy to set us up our own surf guide, and for a little bit extra we could get just about anything we wanted" said Rouge.  "Mex was desperate for a wave and was all for paying up but the absence of the guide made me hesitant.  We left Mary and with the help of some locals we found our way to the famous Sigatoka river mouth but it was maxing out at a messy 10' with murky brown water that wasn't particularly inviting"
(Brave Rouge paddles out alone)
"Eventually we found a break that satisfied nearly all the oldfartsurfing criteria" said Rouge.  "It was out the front of a resort called 'Hideaway', the staff were pretty friendly and they let us through the property to surf."
(a Hideaway barrel waiting for those who dare)
"I thought it looked pretty sketchy on the first day so I opted to take the role of official photographer"  said the Mex.  "It was pretty messy from the cross shore wind, it had a mean looking rip going out through the pass and it looked shallow.  I always take Clint Eastwood's advice on these occasions 'a mans gotta know his limitations'".  So brave Rouge paddled out alone.
(Rouge taking off, Hideaway)
Rouge caught a few of the smaller waves and while he was out there the resident surfers started to emerge and build their own courage.  They told Mex that they had been waiting for the high tide to put a bit of water over the reef.
(Rouge paddles over a throaty barrel)
According to the Mex "Rouge really put on a show of expert oldfartsurfing, he showed all his skill and experience taking off over coral that he developed surfing Red Bluff and Indonesia in the seventies."
As mentioned earlier, Mex and Rouge were on a mission to find the ultimate oldfartsurfing wave.    According to Mex "Hideaway ticked a lot of the boxes, it was easy to paddle out, it was uncrowded, there was shopping and a restaurant for the support crew and the outdoor cafe provided shelter from the rain and the sun while they sipped aperitifs and took photos of the boys".  The takeoff could be steep and the Mex managed to lose a bit of skin on the coral.  "Losing the skin wasn't such a worry, it grows back, but it was the damage done to Bob the Bobsled's nose that had me worried, he had to be checked into the Dude's hospice for oldfartsurfcraft for a nose job when we got him home" said the Mex.
(Bob the Bobsled's Hideaway nose job)
"The second session at Hideaway was a little more sedate" said Rouge, "the swell was smaller and cleaner, and even the rain didn't deter Mex from mixing it up out there.  There were a few other guys in the water to keep us company, all friendly.  I paddled over the channel and caught lefts to myself which was fun and the support crew managed to capture it in pixels, I was stoked".
(Hideaway right in the rain)
(Rouge goes left, Hideaway)
(Hiding away in the barrel)
(Rouge with the grin of a stoked oldfartsurfer)
After the surfing Rouge, Mex and the support crew partied hard at a Bula night.  "Much Kava was consumed, food eaten, drinks drunken and dancing done, not a bad spot for oldfartsurfers" said Mex.
(Mex, Rouge and support crew out on the Kava)
(Rouge and Mex dancing with the locals)
(The locals dancing for Rouge and Mex)
(Fiji night cap)
(Rouge Kava's it up in Bula style)
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While in Fiji Rouge, Mex and support crew stayed at the Holiday Club Fiji Palms resort.
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04 December 2012

Ultimate Oldfartsurfcraft Found

After endless research on behalf of the oldfartsurfers of the world, the Old Farts Surf Co. is pleased to announce the discovery of the ultimate oldfartsurfcraft.  "Its a jet propelled oldfartsurfcraft called the WaveJet" announced Old Farts Surf Co. Head Honcho, the Mexican (OFSC No. 4).  "It is the perfect answer for oldfartsurfers with tired old arms needing a boost to get into the waves.  It is brilliant in its design having a re-chargeable power pod that can be taken off one board and put on another.  What's more they have a whole range of oldfartsurfcraft from short boards to longboards and SUP's" said Mex.

According to the manufacturers it can run between 30 min and 75 min run time and comes in models that go either 5 mph or 10 mph.  The oldfartsurfer reckons it will negate the need for jet skis at big wave spots.
A couple of big questions need to be answered before take up of the WaveJet by the general oldfartsurfpopulation, for example;  what is the danger of being hit by a riderless rampaging board? how heavy and hard to turn are they?  The Old Farts Surf Co. is in deep negotiation with the manufacturers for a test sample to undertake more research and we promise to keep you informed.
To own one of these beauties all it takes is a cool $5k, perhaps you should negotiate a deal to get a 5 board quiver.
Click here to check out the WaveJet.
What do you think, revolutionary new surf craft or the end of soul surfing as we know it?  Post your comments below.
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20 November 2012

Is the Mexican back in form?

Commenting on a recent post on the stance of oldfartsurfer No. 5, Moose, the ever observant Rouge (OFSC No. 45), asked "I'd also like you to investigate rumours that Mex has rediscovered the spring in a recent North Clifton session, absolutely nailing several late takeoffs.  Witnessed by old fart surf buddy and sled brother Rouge.  no fotos other than zen like static stretch used prior to entering the surf zone. R".
 (Mex springs over the sand dune on a beautiful spring morning with a new zest for the ocean)
Fortunately the Oldfartsurfer managed to procure some photos taken of the Mex (OFSC No. 4 and Head Honcho of the Old Farts Surf Co.) on the day.  The spring spring in the Mex's legs is obvious as he runs across the dune for an early morning barrel.
 (Mex prays to Huey for a spring in his legs to make the late drop)
Whilst no photo of the Mex "nailing several late take offs" as described by Rouge, he did capture the Zen like surf stretch prayer to the surf god Huey.  We can only deduce from the spring in the legs, the prayer to Huey along with Rouge's unquestionable integrity that the Mex did actually nail several late take offs.
In a closing note, can anyone confirm or deny the rumour that The Dude (OFSC No. 12) has ditched the Delaminator and secured a 6'4" Bobsled called Baby Bob but has been frustrated in his attempts an initial sea trials?
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18 November 2012

Goofy or Natural, the Big Question of Mysterious Moose

For those lucky enough to have a copy of the Old Farts Surf Co. 2012 Calendar you will see the November feature photo of oldfartsurfer No. 5, Moose, shown below.
Commenting on a previous post about Oldfartsurfer Moose taking a 150 ft drop, Anonymous said "left foot slightly forward. That makes you a natural foot which is funny since earlier shots of you I recall you as a goofy foot.  Or am I mistaken ....'.   Old Farts Surf Co. Head Honcho, OFSC No. 4 the Mexican said "This is a serious issue, examining the above shot it is hard to tell if Moose is goofy or natural as she appears to be walking the plank with some good old oldfartsurfing grace and poise".
OFSC No. 45, Rouge, noted "Moose is also spreading her wings in order to get some air, a move I noticed had been perfected by the Mexican last Sunday morning.  However, I can't tell if she is just in the process of lifting her right back foot in order to move forward or whether she has just lifted her forward right foot in order to move backward".
"We've researched the archives for previous photos of Moose and so far have only come up with the following photo of Moose riding a SUP" said the Mexican.  "As you can see it is inconclusive as to Moose's stance and we will have to undertake more research to settle the matter."

16 November 2012

The Shaper - Best Film at Show

This awesome film, The Shaper, has been awarded the prize for Best Film at Show at the inaugural Old Farts Surf Co. film festival.  Old Farts Surf Co. Head Honcho, The Mexican (OFSC No. 4) said "congratulations to the judges for choosing a film that encapsulates the pure essence of oldfartsurfing."  Click on the link below and enjoy:
The link below

11 November 2012

Moose makes 150 ft takeoff

The Old Farts Surf Co. is very proud of Oldfartsurfer No. 5, Moose, who recently took off on a 150 footer and survived.  Welcoming herself to the second 25 years of her life, and never one to back away from a challenge the plucky Moose went Chasing Mavericks, ate Gorilla food and took a 150 ft bungee drop.  "I'm really proud that Moose has the spirit of a true oldfarsurfer" said Old Farts Surf Co. Head Honcho, Mexican, "she has set a perfect example of what oldfartsurfing is all about, a really gutsy effort, especially that raw vegan food stuff!"
Describing her adventures Moose had no hesitation admitting the fear she had to overcome "Chasing Mavericks was good but I would never EVER surf a wave that was bigger than 2 feet so I can't imagine how it must feel to surf something so massive. Gorilla cake was delicious as you know.  Bungee jumping was insane, I don't know how you did it twice Mex. I felt like I was going to die when I was falling... I'm really glad I did it though and the location was really stunning.  I've attached a couple shots!"

17 July 2012

Jane McArthur to release new Album

Breaking news on the music front is front lady of Let the Cat Out, Old Fart Surf Co., Songstress of the Year, Jane McArthur, who has put out a media release.  According to Jane, one of Austalia's premier music artists, "I have a little favour to ask... I am trying to give my solo album a start (gotta get me out of this office!), so just getting a few web pages etc together for promo.  Below is my triple J unearthed page - It would be really cool if you could rate a song or write a few words etc, to make it look like I have thousands of adoring fans, haha, If you've got a second that is...
Click here for Jane on Triple J unearthed.
Also  - if you'd like me to put you on my email list for solo shows - let me know!"  Click here to ask Jane to put you on her email list.
Old Fart Surf Co. Head Honcho, The Mexican (OFSC No. 4) says "we support Jane because she is one cool chick and writes and sings beautiful songs."  What other recommendation would you need.!
Click here for Jane's MySpace page.

Webber Wave Pools Could be a Reality

It must be every oldfartsurfer's dream, a continuous wave dialed up to suit your skill level.  Webber wave pools have a fantastic concept of creating a continuous wave by a boat rotating around a round pool.  Having been extensively model tested at the Autralian Maritime College in Tasmania it looks like the concept will finallyl be reality with an investor looking to build a Webber wave pool in northern NSW.  Old Fart Surf Co. Head Honcho, The Mexican (OFSC No. 4) , lauded the development saying "its good to see someone with some cash putting it to such a good use, if I had lots of cash I'd be building Webber Wave polls around the worldfor oldfartsurfers to enjoy."  "I'd even crack out my 6'6" Webber Afterburner from under the house to christen the waves in my first pool" the Mex beamed.
Check out the real story at http://www.swellnet.com.au/news/3078-wavepools-within-the-year-and-with-rabbit-on-board

13 July 2012

Rouge & Mex Greeted by Massive Fiji - Part 1

Intent on undertaking valuable research on surf locations suitable for oldfartsurfers, Old Farts Surf Head Honcho, Mex (OFSC No. 4) and Rouge (OFSC No. 45) planned an expedition to Fiji.  After surfing the southern Tassie points earlier in the week, the boys arrived on the 8th June expecting to see the same swell hitting Fiji and the WCT contest at Cloudbreak.
(Coke head Rouge psyches up for a big surf)
Travelling from the airport at Nadi along the Coral Coast in the back of a van with no shock absorbers, Rouge could see the swell hitting the reefs and remarked "looks like a bit of swell".  What the boys didn't know was that the swell was peaking at around 20' at that moment and according to the Mex "all reports said it was the most perfect wave of that size has ever been ridden".
(Mex Kavas it up and metamorphoses into Chief Bill)
The Mex and Rouge had been tempted to surf the WCT but Rouge said "Mex and I, along with the Dude (OFSC No. 12), who at the same time was doing his own oldfartsurfing research in Sri Lanka, had withstood the lure of competitive surfing in order to dedicate ourselves to researching suitable locataions for oldfartsurfers."
(Chief Bill of Australia, New Zealand, France and Mother England channels a Buttons Kaluhiaokani)
"Having a big swell waiting for us we were keen to take advantage" said Mex.  "Oldfartsurfer research invariably involves keeping the missus happy, so we'd booked ourselves into a comfy looking resort called the Fiji Palms with nearby shopping" explained Mex. "Once the ladies were settled we went off to talk to the local village chief about access to the local break"
(The real Buttons, no that's Rouge)
"The local chief insisted on a big welcoming kava ceremony and Mex was dobbed in to represent us as the Chief of the village of Australia, New Zealand, France and Mother England" said Rouge, "a task he performed admirably."
(Fans gather on the shore as the boys prepare to paddle out)
With fans eagerly waiting for the boys to paddle out they donned their life vests and were taken out to the waves in boats provided by the local village.  "I was pretty nervous as we prepared to go out" said Mex,  "then I saw Rouge with a thousand yard stare like a man about to meet his destiny and new everything would be OK."
(A messy big right hander at Sigatoka river mouth)
(With a 1000 yard stare Rouge dons a vest and Old Farts Surf Co. bucket hat for safety)
(Rouge in OFSC bucket hat on the way out the back in the long boat)
(Local crew follow the boys out to check out the action)
Once out the back the biggest and best wave of the day came through.  "True to oldfartsurfer etiquette, it was declared a team wave" said Rouge, " and we both took the big drop together."
(Leap of faith, Rouge and Mex take big the drop on a team wave)
"After coming off the bottom we both got the biggest barrel of our lives, easily big enough for both of us!"
(A barrel big enough for two, Rouge and Mex cling to the wall)
After catching the wave of the day Mex said "we paddled back in to the local village, there was a bit of a fanfare going on and the local chief was preparing the village for a big party for us.
(Bob the McTavish Bobsled gets a nose job)
Not everything was hunky dory though,  According to Mex, "Bob my trusty McTavish bobsled had received a bit of treatment on the reef.  It was sad but mendable".
(Fanfare for our heroes)
Read the next installment to find out about the party and a bit of a coup.
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29 June 2012

Heartwood is Worlds Best Whisky

The Oldfartsurfer was dragged (kicking and screaming) off to Lark Distillery tonight by Super Supper Fran, OFSC No. 69, to catch up with her husband /master distiller Tim and move on to a book launch.  Being a literary wannabe and connoisseur of fine whiskey, the Oldfarsurfer was easily tempted.
(no, that's Fran's knee)
(yes, that's an OFSC bucket hat in Fiji)
On arrival the Oldfartsurfer was plied with a cask strength Laphroaig by the master distiller and asked "do you like my web site?".  Well, embarrassed, all the Oldfartsurfer could say "what web site?", but not to be completedly embarrassed he replied "But do you like my web site?"  Inconceivably, Tim, the master distiller had not heard of the Old Farts Surf Co. Web site, even though he had been photographed in Fiji wearing an Old Farts Surf Co. bucket hat.
The web  site that the master distiller was talking about was for his own whiskey, Heartwood, the worlds best whiskey, sampled by Spot and the Mexican before  Spot (OFSC No. 6) moved to Canuckland to join Moose (OFSC No. 5).  Readers would be pleased to know that the Oldfartsurfer reached a gentleman's agreement with the master distiller that mutual links to web sites would be created.  We look forward to seeing the Old Farts Surf Co. referenced and linked from the heartwood site in the future.
For those avid readers with a literary interested, the book launch turned out to be a picture book called "Bloom".  There were no words in it.
(Fran's new hair)

24 June 2012

Rouge Scores Narrabeen

According to Old Farts Surf Co. Head Honcho, the Mexican, "the oldfartsurfers have been travelling far and wide over the past month in their never ending quest for the ideal oldfartsurflocation".  The Dude (OFSC No. 12) and the Good Woman headed to Sri Lanka, and the Mexican (OFSC No. 4) and Rouge (OFSC No. 45) explored Fiji with oldfartsurfers 11 and 58.
The Oldfartsurfer will report later on the research the oldfartsurf team has been doing on behalf of the world's oldfartsurfers, however, in the interim would  like to let you know Rouge scored the best waves when he got home.
Rouge & Mex returned from Fiji late on Friday night after a rainy week during which Kelly Slater won the Fiji Pro.  Not wanting to pre-empt the boys official report, but the best surf the boys got was at best OK, and 'not all time'.  To finish the oldfartsurfsafari off nicely the boys got up at 5:30 am on the Saturday morning and, picked up local surf mate of Rouge, and drove to Narrabeen to witness the sunrise.  The sunrise was awesome as the above two photos attest, however, the waves were large and closing out.  Some fun peaks were found down the road at Long Reef before the wind and rain followed them from Fiji, only colder.
After a respectable amount of paddling for exercise and the occasional wave, the boys chatted up the local Batista while she made a warming coffee and headed home.  Mex off home interstate and Rouge settling back into domestic bliss.
However, Rouge is a surf nazi and had been checking the swell charts and thought "the best opportunity to get a good surf was on Sunday morning".  Keen as mustard, without his surf buddies, he snuck out of the house back down to Narrabeen and scored some sensational waves. " Lucky for us" said the Mex,  "he had the wherewithall to take some photos and share them to us.  At least someone was scoring."
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20 May 2012

Surf Photo Copyright Scandle Swells

Avid readers of the Old Farts Surf Co. blog may be aware of our quiet little web site.  Fairly innocuous you might think, however, recently it has become embroiled in a copyright controversy that is set rock the electronic media universe.  The controversy surrounds a couple of photos used on the site including the following photo which appears on the home page:
(One of the controversial photos)
The drama unfolded when the Old Farts Surf Co. Head Honcho, The Mexican, received the following facebook message from Wild Hog, the founder of the famous facebook page Talking Surfing History in Tasmania  (aka Talking S.H.i.T.):
 Hi Mex,
I was just alerted to the fact that you are using some photos from our facebook history site on your website.  It would appear they have simply been lifted off our facebook site due to the pixilation of them.  I'd appreciate if you'd do the right thing and remove them, unless you got approval from Briels for the use of his photos on a commercial site.  Maybe you're just mucking around with them on your web site as I can see its not finished yet.
Whilst we are flattered that you have chosen to go down the history path using local photos from our site, I would have thought a point of difference might have been the way to go.
Cheers Mate.
Wild Hog
Taking Umbrage at these farcical allegations the Mex responded:
Hog, Rocky gave me those photos a few years ago and I was unaware there was any sensitivity around them.  Having said that I specifically asked the guy who set up the site (as a favour) to replace them with some of my own about 18 months ago but unfortunately he has gone AWOL along with the info on how to access and edit the site.  I certainly didn't lift them from your site and I had them posted before they appeared on it, and in some other publications.  My site hasn't changed for about 2 years because I haven't the expertise to deal with it.  I haven't been pushing my site because it was never really complete to my satisfaction.  I will have another crack at changing it.  There is a photo of Rockhead I cut out of one of the photos that is posted on the blog on 1 June 2009.  Rest assured that I would not copy photos from your S.H.i.T site without asking or if I received them from another source.
PS - it is a great honour to have my site called "commercial", I prefer to think of it as an expression of the altruistic element in my personality.
(A young Rockhead and beer)
Hi Mex, Thanks for the update. Rock filled me in last night on how you got the pictures. Really sorry for jumping to conclusions on how you got them. The photos aren't Rocks to give actually, they are John Brierleys photos, so he's the guy you possibly should talk to if you decide to go further with your site.
cheers mate
Wild Hog
No worries, gives me some fodder for the blog. I hope you won't mind if I didn't let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Hog, FYI, the guy who did my web site apparently turned himself in for topping his mother in Launceston a few days ago. Could be a while before I get access!

Oh S*#$!!! Not good to hear. Was she ill and it was a helped suicide, or simply a rush of blood do you reckon.
Of course the Old Farts Surf Co. has its own original photos such as the classic below that appeared on the back page of the 2012 Old Farts Surf Co. Calendar:
(Rouge, Graham, Maurice and Agent 66 at Southport 1975)
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