13 February 2012

Delaminator Rebirth as The Carbonator

You may recall the story of the Dude and the Dominator.  How oldfartsurfer No. 12 was having a peaceful surf at a sunny 3' beach break on his brand new Firewire Dominator and the bottom layer of fibreglass just stripped off.  The Dominator was renamed the Delaminator.
(New carbon fibre bottom to the Carbonator)
 After futile attempts pleading his case with the local retailer for a replacement or repair he finally took matters into his own hands and fixed it with carbon fibre.  Don't forget the Dude is the mastersurfcraftsman.  He can turn himself to any surf craft including beautiful hand made hollow timber surfboards, foam and fibreglass boards and now high performance yachts. 
(Original deck of the Dominator)
 "We christened it the Carbonator" said the Dude, "The board is so strong now you could drive a truck over it" said the Dude.  Plus its got a really cool black bottom".  However, he said "the carbon fibre is a strong material and it may have reduced the famous Firewire flex, but not to worry -  it goes"
(The Dude lands a carbonated air)
On his first outing with the new Carbonator pulled some big airs and floaters.  Witnessing from the beach, Old Farts Surf Co. Head Honcho, The Mex (OFSC no. 4) said "It looks like The Dude has given that old board a new lease of life, or is it the board giving the Dude some new energy, whatever it takes two to tango and its great to see".  "The Old Farts Surf Co. is planning a complete range of recycled carbonated boards to save the planet" the Mex went on.  "Not only are we reducing land fill but we are sequesting carbon in these boards which will reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by the surf industry.  We might even plant some basil and a few tomatoes"
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Sea Trials Bob the Bobsled 2

Oldfartsurfer No 45, Rouge, was so inspired by the Mexican's (OFSC NO. 4) performance on Bob the 7' McTavish Bobsled that he invested heavily in getting one for himself.  Rouge sent through the following comments from the initial sea trials of Bob 2.
"Went to Manlys this morning and swam 1 km with some mates from Shelley into Manly beach (we are training for the Cole Classic ocean swim on sun 5th Feb.).  chucked my board in the car, so I could catch a wave after the swim.
(Rouge getting to grips with the way Bob 2 turns)
My mate had his camera on hand and ripped off a few shots.  1' swell, light onshore.  Bob revelled in the conditions .  Still getting to grips with the board, strange the way it turns ..." 
(Rouge not on carving Bob 2)
When the Mex queried Rouge on the turning the oldfartsurfer replied "it just doesn't carve like my old board" .
A few weeks later, after a bit of practice, Rouge the following photos through:
 According to Rouge "Nice waves this morning at South Narra.  Local surf photog guy was there and I got snapped.  The session finished with me drilling a hole in the back of my head.  Spilt a bit of claret, not damage to Bob Though.  There was also another old fart with a Bobsled" .  Rouge downloaded the photos from http://www.surfphotosofyou.com.au/ 
(Rouge getting the hang of Bob 2)
Can Bob 2 carve and Rouge just needed to make some adjustments for the quad fin set up?  Judging by the stylish photos of Rouge it seems he is coming to grips with Bob 2.  Could it be that Rouge is so stylish and accomplisted he can ride anything?  It takes two to tango.  We would like to hear the oldfartsurfer No. 45's view.
(Rouge and Bob 2 in the groove together at last)
The Old Farts Surf Co. wishes Rouge a speedy revocery from the hole in his head and hope he didn't loose too much gray matter.
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05 February 2012

Rouge Rocks Baulkan Hills

The Oldfartsurfer has received further contributions from roving reporter, Rouge (OFSC No. 45).  After the superb photojournalism in his previous article on the Bobby Brown Memorial Paddle Out and Single Fin Contest at Sandon Point, he has submitted some unique photos and a You Tube recording of his recent performance at the Bull & Bush jam night at Baulkan Hills in Sydney's west. 
(Rock god Rouge, aka Open Mike)
Going by name Open Mike, Rouge snuck into the pub and put his name on the list.  He sent the attached photos and a link to the You Tube posting of the event with the following message:
"Bull n Bush jam night. Vocals/guitar - Nick. Bass - Tim. Drums - Anthony. Not bad considering (a) we've never played together, and (b) they'd never heard of the song. Taken from the dance production Catherine Wheel (Twyla Tharp, 1981)." 
The Oldfartsurfer's sources say that it is the best performance seen at the Bull & Bush since last year and certainly one of Rouge's greatest recorded solo live performances.
(Open Mike & Tim)
Followers of the Old Farts Surf Co. may remember that Open (Mike) was a former member of the infamous band Crosseyed & Painless who were regular performers at the Mt. Tom Price pub in the early 80's.  The special 30th Anniversary release of the  Crosseyed's seminal album "Live at Tom Price 1981" was reviewed by the Oldfartsurfer last year. 
Stay Stoked - Oldfartsurfer
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04 February 2012

Mastersurfcraftsman Flips Three Man Board

The Dude (OFSC No 12), also known as the Mastersurfcraftsman has created a new surf vehicle that will take no less than three oldfartsufers on wild rides surfing waves downwind.  "The oldfartsurfers have explored team waves where we can get as many as five oldfartsurfers catching a straighthander at once" said the Dude, "now I'm taking this to a new level where we can get five oldfartsurfers on the same board all catching the same wave at the same time".
Old Farts Surf Co. Head Honcho, The Mexican (OFSC No 4), said "this is taking the company into new realms of possibility, an extension of our line of hollow timber surfboards for big boys"
Click on this link to check a team of ten oldfarsurfers getting some air and doing a flip.
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