13 February 2012

Delaminator Rebirth as The Carbonator

You may recall the story of the Dude and the Dominator.  How oldfartsurfer No. 12 was having a peaceful surf at a sunny 3' beach break on his brand new Firewire Dominator and the bottom layer of fibreglass just stripped off.  The Dominator was renamed the Delaminator.
(New carbon fibre bottom to the Carbonator)
 After futile attempts pleading his case with the local retailer for a replacement or repair he finally took matters into his own hands and fixed it with carbon fibre.  Don't forget the Dude is the mastersurfcraftsman.  He can turn himself to any surf craft including beautiful hand made hollow timber surfboards, foam and fibreglass boards and now high performance yachts. 
(Original deck of the Dominator)
 "We christened it the Carbonator" said the Dude, "The board is so strong now you could drive a truck over it" said the Dude.  Plus its got a really cool black bottom".  However, he said "the carbon fibre is a strong material and it may have reduced the famous Firewire flex, but not to worry -  it goes"
(The Dude lands a carbonated air)
On his first outing with the new Carbonator pulled some big airs and floaters.  Witnessing from the beach, Old Farts Surf Co. Head Honcho, The Mex (OFSC no. 4) said "It looks like The Dude has given that old board a new lease of life, or is it the board giving the Dude some new energy, whatever it takes two to tango and its great to see".  "The Old Farts Surf Co. is planning a complete range of recycled carbonated boards to save the planet" the Mex went on.  "Not only are we reducing land fill but we are sequesting carbon in these boards which will reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by the surf industry.  We might even plant some basil and a few tomatoes"
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Rouge said...

Dude - this is awesome. But why stop at inanimate objects? Can you help with my dicky knee? My slowly weakening pecs? My quivering quads? My gelatinous glutes? Look forward to tales of your first cybernetic old fart, will nicely compliment your Carbonator. Fartinator rides Carb.
Oh, have you thought of a way of lining the deck so we don't have to wax up anymore? And I don't mean 6' of gorilla grip.

Oldfartsurfer said...

A lot to be said for 6' deck grip, particularly on an indestructable board.
Thanks for the idea R, I'mg gonna get the Dude to Carbonate the ribs I buggered riding Sammy the SUP.
Stay Stoked!