13 February 2012

Sea Trials Bob the Bobsled 2

Oldfartsurfer No 45, Rouge, was so inspired by the Mexican's (OFSC NO. 4) performance on Bob the 7' McTavish Bobsled that he invested heavily in getting one for himself.  Rouge sent through the following comments from the initial sea trials of Bob 2.
"Went to Manlys this morning and swam 1 km with some mates from Shelley into Manly beach (we are training for the Cole Classic ocean swim on sun 5th Feb.).  chucked my board in the car, so I could catch a wave after the swim.
(Rouge getting to grips with the way Bob 2 turns)
My mate had his camera on hand and ripped off a few shots.  1' swell, light onshore.  Bob revelled in the conditions .  Still getting to grips with the board, strange the way it turns ..." 
(Rouge not on carving Bob 2)
When the Mex queried Rouge on the turning the oldfartsurfer replied "it just doesn't carve like my old board" .
A few weeks later, after a bit of practice, Rouge the following photos through:
 According to Rouge "Nice waves this morning at South Narra.  Local surf photog guy was there and I got snapped.  The session finished with me drilling a hole in the back of my head.  Spilt a bit of claret, not damage to Bob Though.  There was also another old fart with a Bobsled" .  Rouge downloaded the photos from http://www.surfphotosofyou.com.au/ 
(Rouge getting the hang of Bob 2)
Can Bob 2 carve and Rouge just needed to make some adjustments for the quad fin set up?  Judging by the stylish photos of Rouge it seems he is coming to grips with Bob 2.  Could it be that Rouge is so stylish and accomplisted he can ride anything?  It takes two to tango.  We would like to hear the oldfartsurfer No. 45's view.
(Rouge and Bob 2 in the groove together at last)
The Old Farts Surf Co. wishes Rouge a speedy revocery from the hole in his head and hope he didn't loose too much gray matter.
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Anonymous said...

Well the drama continues...went to South Narra again, similar waves but smaller and on a low tide. Half way thru the session I got drilled into the sand bank on the point of my shoulder. Very painful, still very sore, taking inflamm tabs to keep the swelling down. Now I reckon Bob has this thing going with me, but I am taking it the wrong way. In return for Bob getting me onto waves easier, making sections faster and turning sharper you'd think I'd be grateful. But it's mkaing me behave like a 17 year old. Trying crazy things like I used to many decades ago. Not sure where this is taking me but I can imagine Bob saying "Look, I can get you through this next section but DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID - YOU'RE AN OLD FART REMEMBER@!!".

Oldfartsurfer said...

Sensational stuff R, intelligent surfboards. No wonder you're in IT!
Get that shoulder off the The Dude's garage and wrapped in Carbone Fibre!!
-Stay Stoked!