30 April 2012

Agent 66 Makes a Comeback

Its been about 40 years since Oldfartsurfer No. 66 (aka Agent 66 or A66 for short) was an active oldfartsurfer.  In those days he was the main dude, hosting Rouge (OFSC No. 45) and the Mex (OFSC No. 4) at the family beach shack, he was an expert guitar player and a man of means from an early age.
(Retired, Agent 66 gets his inspiration over a beer)
For reasons not given to the Oldfartsurfer, Agent 66 drifted away from surfing at an early age.  There was the reunion session at Roaring Beach about 10 years ago when Rouge came back to town, however, there have been no other reported sightings of ol 'A66 at the beach since the mid 70's.
(Agent 66 and his tentative first step)
Being a man of means, A66 has retired to a life of luxury at an early age.  One of the first things he he did was call his ol' buddy Rouge.  "Hey Rouge, I've retired and want to get stoked like a true oldfartsurfer again" Rouge said he said.  "Get up here straight away and I'll get you back on a board" A66 said Rouge said.
(Agent 66 up and going)
"To ease A66 back into being stoked I thought I would introduce him to these new fangled SUP boards." said Rouge.  "He took to it like a duck on a lake".  According to mastersurffitnessguru, OFSC No. 6, Spot, "the theory is to get his fitness and balance re-trained and restore his natural athleticism, then introduce him back into the surf."
(A babe asks Agent 66 for a ride)
A66 was thrilled with his new found skill.  He paddled up and down the lake striking a handsome and athletic figure.  As you might expect, our man soon attracted a hot babe who waded out from the shore to greet him as he paddled past.  "Hey there big boy" she said with a wink and cheeky grin.  Not to be distracted, A66 said "Sorry babe, lovely to meet you but I'm on a mission from Rouge, and if you don't mind I'll be on my way" dipped his cap and he just kept on paddling.
(Not distracted Agent 66 paddles out across the lake)
A66 reported to the Oldfartsurfer that he now understood the essence of staying stoked.  Not that he hadn't been stoked for the past 40 years, he just hadn't smelt its essence.  "I'm hitting it big time from now on" he told the Oldfartsurfer. 
(Agent 66 returns after his big comeback)
After the SUP paddling stoke renewal session the boys headed off to the nearest oldfartsurfcafe' for a skinny soy latte surf capacino and obligatory ginger nut snaps.  "There is no better way to finish a day on the water" said A66.  "Yeah" Rouge nodded knowingly.
(Agent 66 returns after establishing his comeback with the media
(Agent 66 doing what he has done best for the past 30 years)
(Agent 66 & Rouge head back out for another session)
(Post comeback SUP session, Agent 66 & Rouge, oldfartsurfbuddies)
(Agent 66 in coffee Connoisseur mode, celebrating his big comeback)
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08 April 2012

Patty Hits Back with Amazing Images to Win Inauguaral OFSC Surf Photography Competition

In an awesome display of steely resolve, coming back from being slighted by The Advocate when they infringed his copy rights, mastersurfphotographer Patti has won the inaugural Old Farts Surf Co. Surf Photography Competition.  Head Judge & Jury, The Mexican, commented that "Patti had captured the essence of oldfartsurfing in a competitive environment with his series of photos taken at the recent West Coast Classic 2012 at Marrawah."  "Awesome " was all Patti could say when receiving the award at the red carpet gala awards night.  Old Farts Surf Co. Head Honcho, The Mexican said that in his opinion int he future The Advocate would have to pay four times what they paid for the original photo of teenage surfing sensation Zoe Gray winning the Women's division for the third time.
The following are a few selected photos from Patti's series titled "the essence of oldfartsurfing in a  competitive environment."

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07 April 2012

Stylish Dan

For those fortunate enough to have a copy of the highly sought after Old Farts Surf Co. 2012 Calender you may want to remember to turn the page to April for the feature photo of Stylish Dan.
Son of Oldfartsurfer No. 23, Macho, as a young teenager, Dan is already showing attributes of his old man's style.  Taken last April at the Old Farts Surf Co. 2011 Easter Classic, the photo shows Dan in the perfect crouch position developed by Macho gliding his old man's Mal a glassy point wave.  Notice the board placement in the speed slot of the wave, the leading forearm, and the alignment of the trailing elbow and knee.  In addition to being an evolving soul surfer, Dan is also a budding musician pumping some original music out of the "pickers hut" with his young mates.  This will not be the last time you have heard of Stylish Dan as according to Old Farts Surf co. Head Honcho, The Mexican, "age is no barrier to being an oldfartsurfer, its a deeply spiritual thing, and Dan's style is ageless"
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01 April 2012

Storm Brewing over Surf Photo Copyright

It was fantastic to read on the back page of the North West Tasmanian local paper, The Advocate, that local surfer Zoe Grey won the 37th annual Rip Curl West Coast Classic at Marrawah for a record third consecutive year.  Not a bad effort for a 16 year old!    The back page  even had a top photo of her ripping a backhand re-entry with style and aplomb.
(The back page of The Advocate featuring Zoe)
However, according to Old Farts Surf Co. Head Honcho, The Mexican (OFSC No. 4),  not so fantastic was the absence of credit given to the photographer for his fantastic shot.  "Known for its progressive style and ground breaking local journalism, The Advocate really let themselves down on this one" said Mex.  "The photographer was Zoe's main dude and masteroldfartsurfphotographer, Paddy, son of Oldfartsurfer No. 16, and he's my nephew."
(The photo of Zoe without a credit of photographer Paddy)
Recently returned from his photographic tour of Europe, Paddy said "I was quietly peeved at the lack of credit, however, I realised that those who know who took the photo know who took the photo, and they are the important people to me".  Speaking with Zen like wisdom, Paddy went on to say "I will learn from this." 
The Old Farts Surf Co. supports the moral and copyrights of surf photographers around the world.
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