07 February 2014

World Title Stress Delivers Coveted Oldfartsurfer Status to Mick Fanning

Can you imagine the stress involved in winning a world title when it comes down to the wire, the final event of the season at Pipeline needing a score of 9.5 to win in the dying seconds of the heat or its another wasted year?  This film clip from Mysurf tv beautifully captures the poignant moments surrounding Mick Fanning, his family and team as he waits and chooses the crucial wave of an approaching set.
The Old Farts Surf Co. has already anointed 11 time world champion, Kelly Slater, with oldfartsurfer status after his 11th title win (although he's old enough to qualify on age alone). However, according to Old Farts Surf Co. Head Honcho, The Mexican, "Mick's last gasp effort for the 2013 world title and, in the process, turning his whole team grey on the beach is clear justification for honouring him with the internationally coveted oldfartsurfer status."  Congratulations Mick!
Click here to view the video.

12 January 2014

Dopey Boy and Motivation

The Oldfartsurfer has just realised that he hasn't made a post for the faithful and avid readers of this blog since October 2013.  Excuses could be made and disputed, however, there are no excuses, just a distinct lack of motivation.  In a concerted effort to remedy the problem, Old Fart Surf Co. Head Honcho, The Mexican, has launched a detailed investigation into the source this lack of motivation.  "I left no stone unturned in my self examination in search of the truth" said the Mex. Thankfully, the oldfartsurfer had a breakthrough this morning.  According to the Mex "I was drinking coffee and reading all the important news in the comic section of the local paper after an early morning session on Sammy the SUP  when I came across this Kedulka comic that explained it all"
(In-surf pizza delivery)
"I'm obviously suffering pizza deprivation" said Mex.  "Its pizza that fuels the creative surfing juices, so from now on, whenever we feel motivation downswing in the Old Farts Surf Co. creative department, I'm going to fuel them up on pizza, go surfing and share the love"
The Oldfartsurfer suggests that if you haven't heard from us for a while, instead of writing to the editor, just get a pizza delivered to us.  We prefer a spicy Mexican with hot salami, capsicum, jalapenos, olives and mushrooms on a thin crust.
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