31 January 2013

Time to turn the page to a new month

Sadly its the end of the month for those who purchased the 2013 Old Farts Surf Co. Calendar.  You'll have to turn the page or live in the past.  No more Mexican (Oldfartsurfer No. 4) at Eaglehawk or Chief Bill to greet you as you get your breakie or settle in to the throne room.
But don't worry, it ain't all bad.  Turn the page to February and you'll find a quiver of new oldfartsurfphoto treats.  Check out the fabled Carlton rivermouth in Tasmania, Australia above, famous for high impact collisions between SUPs and mals.
You'll also find a shot of the mystical Eaglehawk absolutely going off.  (Rumour has it that the Mex and the Dude (Oldfartsurfer No. 12) shunned it this day and drove an hour north to surf a break more in line with their oldfartsurfer status - small and fat).
There is a photo the Mex took of a Guinness Book of Records world record team wave, taken from the pier at Santa Monica.  Another below of the famous Venice Beach skate bowl (designed and built by the Mex's new mate Nikolai. at least that's what Nikolai told him over breakfast after his sixth Bloody Mary at Bob Morris' Beach Cafe at Paradise Cove, Malibu).  Both these photos were taken on Mex's recent oldfartsurfresearch tour looking for the northwest surf passage of North America.
If you look carefully you'll also find Kelly Slater in a Snapper Rocks barrel at a recent Quicksilver Pro, a photo contributed by Oldfartsurfer No. 6, Spot.  A free advertising space on the 2014 Old Farts Surf Co. calender is offered to the first oldfartsurfer to post a comment at the bottom of this blog naming the date the Slater photo is on.
Go ahead, make your day, turn the page.
If you haven't got one already click here to order your 2013 Calender.

16 January 2013

Oldfartsurfers will miss the Dunally Bakery

Over 100 homes and properties were lost in the recent Tasmanian Bushfires and some families lost all their possessions and livelihood.  Many people were lucky to escape the ferocious firestorm and communities will take many years to rebuild.
(The remains of the Dunally Bakery)
Oldfartsurfers in Tasmanian will be affected by the tragic loss of the Dunally Bakery fires.  According to Old Farts Surf Co. Head Honcho, the Mexican, "There was nothing like having a great surf session on the Tasman Peninsular and calling in at the bakery on the way home for my favorite, the steak and peppercorn pie.  Compared to the losses and hardship affecting many people this seems trivial, however, it does provide a realistic connection with the disaster".  Other bakery favorites were the french vanilla slices, giant size chocolate eclairs or the Dude's favorite, lamingtons.   The peninsular is famous for breaks such as Shipsterns bluff, Eaglehawk Neck and Roaring Beach at Nubeena.  
(Eaglehawk firing on all cylinders)
When the road to the peninsular eventually opens up to the public the Bakery will be sorely missed by the oldfartsurfers.

03 January 2013

Research, Research, Research & Baby Bob Breaks Two Fins

Bizarre things can happen to oldfartsurfers who wait.  The past 24 hours has seen the Old Farts Surf Co. Head Honcho, The Mexican (OFSC No. 4) extend his research into the worlds best whiskeys, train a potential oldfartsurfer in the fine art of getting stoked, the development of a new line of designer Jimmy Choo surf boots for lady oldfartsurfers and, tragically, this morning the Dude's  Baby Bob lost both starboard side fins.  This is why the Old Farts Surf Co. is more than just a company, it is a movement, rapidly growing with a passionate fan base of oldfartsurfers around the world who are still stoked on surfing.
(The Mex and Mr Whiskey undertaking heavy research
According to the Mexican "Considerable research has gone into choosing the Old Farts Surf Co. official whiskey.  One of the world's best whiskey producers, Heartwood Malt Whiskey, has been chosen as the official whiskey producer, however, the we still need to choose our 2012 official whiskey from their exquisite range" .  To that end the Mex has been putting considerable research with Heartwood head honcho, Tim Duckett.  "We have refined our search to two releases the sublime 'Convict Release' which comes in with a high but modest 58% alcohol or the 'convict Unchained' which comes in at a whopping 71.9% alcohol" said the Mex.  "With Tim's guidance I should be able to announce the winner soon."  
(Young oldfartsurfer looking pretty stoked)
According to the Mex "we have some pretty promising oldfartsurfers coming up, I've just witnessed the prowess of a young dude and he achieved a considerable level of being stoked, this is what oldfartsurfing is all about"  
(The new Jimmy Choo inspired Oldfartsurfboot)
The Old Farts Surf Co. is always looking for new, fashionable but practical oldfartsurfwear.  You would be pleased to know that we will look at a deal with  internationally acclaimed shoe designer Jimmy Choo, to market a replacement for the traditional surf ugg boot.  "I know oldfartsurfers love their uggies, however, we think this new boot will be heaps better" said the Mexican.  "It has a knitted  pure merino wool upper with a beachwear soul, that's right soul.  We are pretty excited about it and will let you know the release date of the yet to be named beach boot".  There are rumours that The Mex might call it the "Soul Boot"
(Two Heartwood Whiskey's to replace Baby Bob's two fins)
The Mexican reports that in an oldfartsurfsession this morning, "the Dude wiped out and landed on the Baby Bob's starboard fins, breaking both of them clean off."  "Fortunately there was no damage to the Dude or BB's underside."  reported Mex.  We think that the Dude might try and build a couple of his famous hollow timber fins to replace them.  This was only the third or fourth outing for Baby Bob so we send the Dude the sympathy of oldfartsurfers from around the world.