30 March 2009

"The Dude" Timber Board

Being full of creative energy and with plenty of time to kill, the Dude has commenced his prototype of a timber board being made from western red cedar. Photos show the skeletal frame of the the prototype 6' 8" retro fish. The Dude reports that it will be coated with epoxy and have a breathing hole. It is likely to weigh slighly more than a standard foam based board.
The Oldfartsurfer will keep you posted on the development and sea trials. Negotiations are under way for the board to be marketed under the Old Farts Surf Co. label.
Desgin expert Macho reckons its got a lot of rocker so we are interested in finding out how it performs in the sea trials.

26 March 2009

Marrawah Magic

Check out what is happening at good old Marrawah at the moment at the O'Neill Cold Water Classic. Some top pros and a couple of Tassie boys got to have a crack. Some fantastic surf at Bluff Reef (where the Mexican got his first real Barrel with Macho in 1979) and Lighthouse. Here are some classic typical west coast Tassie shots. Some great footage and more photos at:
Its enough to want make an oldfartsurfer pack up and drive up there now (although probably bests to wait till the pros leave so you can get a wave.)

22 March 2009

Makin' Old Dad Happy

Ashton and her friend Stephanie were stoked with the Tee Shirts her dad gave them.
Model: Ashton
Photography: Jon Morrison Photo Imaging.

Classic Cloudy Sans Clouds

Cloudy Bay, Bruny Island, perfect sunshine and light offshore, small swell but nice little peak, two sessions seperated by a ginger nut snap break and tired arms. The Dude and Mex scored big time with a half dozen friendly locals at one of the most scenic waves on the planet. The Dude caught up with his old mate Scary. Timed the ferry ride home nicely and finished with a couple of cold Boags Draughts. Life's sometimes tough for the old farts.

08 March 2009

Does Age Matter?

Does age matter to Old Fart Surfers (OFS)? Its a bit like asking does size matter? Well then again maybe not, the first question is about your own self perception and the second is about her state of mind and whether she's talking to her chick friends at the time. A recent survey run on this blog site has revealed some interesting answers on what people perceive as qualification for the prized Old Fart Surfer status (OFSS). The question was asked "How old do you have to be to qualify for Old Fart Surfer status?". No definition of what qualifies you as an OFS was provided so status criteria had to be defined by the person answering the question. The vast majority of respondents, 66%, said tht you had to be 45 or over before you can acheive the status. 22% of respondents even said you had to be over 55 before acheiving OFSS. These people must be perceiving OFSS as an age based criteria that presumably you must have some grey hair, wrinckles, ride a 40 year old mal and remember who Wayne Bartholomew is. 22% said that you only need to be 15 or over to achieve OFSS, clearly indicating they think it has nothing to do with age. If it isn't age then what could it be? Is it a state of mind, an attitude or some aura or mystique that allows a 15 year old to be deemed an OFS? The question will be put to a poll of readers - "What criteria should be used to qualify for Old Fart Surfer status? - Age or Attitude"

Eaglehawk Fires for Old Farts

The Dude, the Young Dude and the Mexican managed to catch 4' Eaglehawk last Saturday. It was the first good surf in several weeks. The peaks off the car park were chocker so they snuck out under the cliff down at eggs and enjoyed a few big easy shify peaks with a half a dozen freindly dudes. It was good to see the Young Dude back in the water after his European tour. The Tranquility of the session was occassionaly ruined by a couple of jet skis. The following day Macho and familly enjoyed the same easterly swell.