27 February 2010

Moose & Spot Final Domonstration Surf

You would think that with their recent successes in Old Farts Surf Co. World Series Surfing Splinter Group series that talent like Moose (Original OFSC No. 5)  and Spot (Original OFSC NO. 6) would put their feet up and live off their prize money.  But no, they jumped at the chance for a final surf on the famous island before migrating north.  The following spectacular shots demonstrate why their talent is being touted as some of the best of all gromets in the world.
(Moose slides  into a green one while Spot looks on)
(Moose rides the lip of a wave like no other grom can)
(Moose glides on a white one)
(Moose chews the fat out the back with her fans)
OFSC Head Honcho, the Mexican, AKA OFSC Original No. 4, said
"this was the best demonstration of surfing from the young candian upstart I've had the privilege to see".  Moose agreed saying "I felt that I had really perfected my take off and bottom turns and could do them in my sleep."
(Spot gets in on the action)
Spot also said he was at the peak of his performance honed in the competition on the wild west coast.  "I'm really getting some deep barrels and working on my trim and manouevering in there" said Spot.
(Spot eyes off a spot ahead that he can bust some air on)
(Moose showing perfect technique in the take-off)
(Moose demonstrates her unique nose pearl submarine take-off)
(Spot demonstrates how to choose a perfect line and trim in the barrel)
(Moose demonstrates a soul-arch bottom turn on a short board)
(Moose riding quad)
(Spot gets his head in a barrel)
Fans on the beach were commenting on the style and poise that Moose has brought to the art of surfing.  "Its so graceful and just lovely to watch that young Canuck" said an old lady sitting on the sand under a straw hat.
(Sequence Shot 1 - Moose leans on the inside rail as she takes off to set up her bottom turn)
(Sequence Shot 2 - Moose crouches to drive some power into the bottom turn)
(Sequence Shot 3 - Moose drives hard from the knees to get maximum acceleration off the bottom)
(Sequence Shot 4 - Moose with her classic poise and trim style that fans recognise)

(Moose drives left with that classic poise and trim as Spot looks on)
(Spot blazes the afterburner through through a brown barrel)
(Spot about to unleash on an unsuspecting lip as he crouches for a power turn)
(Spot cruisin' off the bottom)
(Moose slides gracefully into another green back)
(Canadian upstart, Moose, paddling back out the back, demonstrates her signature move, the "Inuit Roll", for getting under a breaking wave)
(Spot manouvers past the Moose head)
(Moose demonstrates perfect take-off style and skill)
(Sequence shot 1 - Moose drives off the bottom)
(Sequence shot 2 - Moose sets up on the face for the next move)
(Sequence Shot 3 - what is this crazy Canuck doing?  Moose demonstrates all the poise and skill needed for a weightless one legged bottom turn)
(Moose and onother perfect take-off)
(Check out the speed Spot gets off the bottom )
(Local fan prepares her SUP for a paddle)
(Local fan paddles her SUP up the beach)
(Moose cops a flogging in this wipe-out, despite the Canuck's style and poise, even the experts have to take their share of pain as the ocean gives no favours.

16 February 2010

Macho Family Big Day Out

Oldfartsurfer No. 23, Macho, is the Old Fart Surf Co. Director of Surfboard Architecture. What he doesn't know about Bernoulli's theorum and laminar flow isn't worth writing on the back of a postage stamp. Not content with keeping the mastersurfcraftdesigner secrets to himself, he has hatched a plot to propogate his DNA across the waves starting with hydraulic engineering first principles in the water. Macho is pictured here coaching his offspring in the fine arts of bottom curve, rail shape, channels, and fin placement design.

(The mastersurfcraftdesigner explains Archimedes Principle as it relates to ladiessurfcraft)
(The finer elements of the lift/drag ratio are explained to Petitette Macheo)
(Petitette Macho prepares for takeoff)
(Petitette Macho on first solo flight)
(Petite Macho explores friction drag)
(Petite Macho examines the effect of turbulance on floatation)
(Macho the Mastersurfcraftdesigner in sea trials

15 February 2010

Rouge in Secret Training Session in New Zealand

Oldfartsurfer no. 45, Rouge, has been caught on camera undertaking secret training in New Zealand.  Pictured in his Original Series, individualy numbered, Old Farts Surf Co. Tee shirt with his Motivator, Oldfartsurfer No. 58, Rouge is pictured in high altitude training and riversurfing in an attempt to get his body in shape for the 7th Round of the Splinter Group World Series Surfing Championship.
(Rouge and The Motivator doing high altitude training in the Land of the Long White Cloud)
(Petite Rouge giving his old man some useful tips on riversurfing)
(Rouge takes a big drop on the river)
When asked for a comment on his training methods, Rouge refused to comment.  However, observers who paddled up the coast to spy on the sessions said The Motivator really put him through his paces, practicing going over the falls,  a technique developed recently by Oldfartsurfer No. 4, The Mexican, recently in Samoa.  When asked about the technique, Mex said "it gives you a good thrashing and is really character building and some people actually think it is fun" (refer previous article "Legendary Surf guide Leads Boys Over the Falls).
(Some hot action on New Zealand's wild west coast where Rouge has been in training)
(Rouge fans sneaking up the coast to watch their hero in action)
The plot thickens, will Rouge arrive and tackle the other Oldfarts in the Splinter Group "Somewhere" in the Southern Ocean swells, or will he go home to mummy?
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13 February 2010

Rouge Rumoured to be Traveling South for 7th Round Splinter Group World Surfing Series

(Original Oldfartsurfer Tee No. 45 worn by its proud owner, confessed oldfartsurfer, Rouge.)
There is a rumour floating the surfing world that Original Oldfartsurfer No. 45, Rouge, will be heading south for the seventh round of the World Series Surfing series.  The seventh round is to be a mobile event "somewhere" in the Southern Ocean.  OFSC Head Honcho, Mex, said it would be a boon to the industry to have Rouge at the event, and, I'll even lend him my famous hollow timber surfboard, 'The Mexican', so that he compete."  Mex went on to say that "there is a remote possiblity that if Rouge can make it then Oldfartsurfer No. 66 may also appear."  Who is OFS No. 66?  the mystery will soon be resolved.
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08 February 2010

The Mexican Embarrased by Old Fart Surfer No. 26

(The undisclosed east coast beach which was the scene of the Head Honcho's embarrassment)
Old Farts Surf Co. head honcho, the Mexican, was seriously embarassed at an undisclosed east coast beach earlier today.  He turned up at equiped with his faithful Mexican hollow timber surfboard and his mal, all ready to surf but ran into oldfartsurfer, Tommo, who was proudly wearing his original No. 26 OFSC Tee shirt.  Tommo suggested a fine was in order for any genuine oldfartsurfer who turns up for a surf not wearing his original OFSC Tee shirt.  The Dude agreed suggesting "its like bikies going for a rumble and not wearing their colours".  Agreement on the level of fine is yet to be made, but insiders suggest that it is likely to include brown liquid with bubbles and hops.
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07 February 2010

Day 4 Finals Action, Spot vs Moose - The Showdown

The Old Farts Surf Co. World Series Surfing Splinter Group Mobile Cold Water Classic event moved from the remote north-west coast to the far south-east just to prove how mobile and cold it could be.  OFSC head Honcho, The Mexican said, we made the call on Day 3 so that the logistics team could transfer the contest to the other end of the island.
(Moose taking the tactical initiative)
With hot favourite's The Dude and the Mexican eliminated in earlier rounds, the finals were fought out between Canadian upstart, Moose, Spot the rising star and some cheats who resorted to towing in a desperate attempt to upset the two young crowd favourites.
Moose took an early lead in the final, on a small wave just before a closeout bomb cleaned up the field. The wiley Moose said "I saw it coming on the horizon and I knew if I got a quick score it would put me in a commanding position while the rest of the finalists tried to recover." Mastersurfcoach and tactical analyst, the Mexican, said "that was one of the best tactical moves I've seen in a World Series Splinter Group final."  "Its frightening to think where such a smart head on an upcoming athlete can lead in the world of oldfartsurfing" he said while staring at the horizon.
(Shot 1, Moose paddles for a piddler)
(Shot 2, Moose looks back as the piddler breaks behind her)
(Shot 3, Moose takes off on the piddler)
(Shot 4, Moose rides the piddler with classic backhand grab rail stance, apparently she's been taking lessons from Slater)
(Shot 5, Moose trims on the piddler no one else would catch)
(Shot 6, Moose pulls a massive bottome turn on athe piddler)
Moose then consolidated her lead with a bearly ridable whitewater piddler.   "No one else would have caught that wave, I was a bit stunned there" said Spot.  However, the rising star wasn't stunned for long.  He soon pulled a big scoring wave slashing across the face of the wave in front of Moose as she was walking back out.
(Spot slashes across the face as Moose walks back out)
(Tow in surfer trying to upset the finalists)
(Spot on a backhand foam ball)
Spot then followed up with a backhand foam ball on what he described as a Tube.  The judges didn't see it that way but they still awarded top marks for his foam riding skills.   "He's always claiming tubes that don't exist" said Moose, concerned for her fellow athlete.  "Perhaps he should see a mental health specialist" she quiped to the water cameraman who past the comment to waiting journalists.
(A stylish bottom turn from Moose)
Moose regained her lead with a stylish little foam wave with a perfect little bottom turn, however, as she turned to walk back out she watched Spot ride a perfect foam faced wave to take the lead back off her.
(Spot on a foam face watched by Moose)
After his foam faced ride, spot quickly paddled out and caught the wave of the day to seal his victory.
(Spot takes off on the wave of the day)
(Spot's perfectly timed and powerful bottom turn sets him up for down the line speed)
(Spot's speed drives him through sections down the line
It was the first Splinter Group Series win for Spot.  In receiving his prize Spot said "I owe this win to the Mexican who lent me his hollow timber surfboard for the final."  "It catches waves real easy and drives on down the line with such speed it is frightening but always under control". 
The Mexican's hollow timber surfboard was designed by the Mex himself and handcrafted by Mastersurfcraftsman, The Dude.  Independant analyst and mastersurfcraftdesigner, Macho, said he thought "the board's 'magic' performance was due to the volume to weight ratio with subtle single to double concave and smooth soft to hard rail transitions from nose to tail.

All contestants ride Old Farts Surf Co. hollow timber surfboards, handmade by the mastersurfcraftsman, The Dude.  Click here for more information or to order your unique piece of ridable art.
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