13 February 2010

Rouge Rumoured to be Traveling South for 7th Round Splinter Group World Surfing Series

(Original Oldfartsurfer Tee No. 45 worn by its proud owner, confessed oldfartsurfer, Rouge.)
There is a rumour floating the surfing world that Original Oldfartsurfer No. 45, Rouge, will be heading south for the seventh round of the World Series Surfing series.  The seventh round is to be a mobile event "somewhere" in the Southern Ocean.  OFSC Head Honcho, Mex, said it would be a boon to the industry to have Rouge at the event, and, I'll even lend him my famous hollow timber surfboard, 'The Mexican', so that he compete."  Mex went on to say that "there is a remote possiblity that if Rouge can make it then Oldfartsurfer No. 66 may also appear."  Who is OFS No. 66?  the mystery will soon be resolved.
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Anonymous said...

Rouge was spotted at Manly WITHOUT T-SHIRT. Apparently Rouge and Motivator dropped by for late lunch. Surf conditions were good. 3pm, only 100 surfers in the water, 2' to 3' glassy. Rouge hired a board while the Motivator went shopping for an hour.

Oldfartsurfer said...

Only 100 people in the water, still should have been able to chew the fat out the back with someone. Forget the mortgage, must have been worth it to hire board and Motivator spend $2k on clothes. Also the pose value of lunch at Manly - priceless. Wish I lived in Sydney!