25 May 2010

Expression Session 2 - New Aged Cold Fusion

Well fans of the Old Farts Surf Co., its been about a month since our last post and we've been inundated with desperate pleas for a new post.  To make it up to you we've been saving this special little session for a while, cause we thought it would be a great drought breaker.   

("Hey, lets go surfin'" suggests Rouge full of enthusiasm)
The session occured on return from great lost wave discovery earlier in the year. Rouge and The Dude decided to have an afternoon surf-off. The Mexican had dominated an earlier session so he decided to take on photography duties to document what has become the legend called Expression Session 2. The Mexican said "I was really nervous taking photos after Moose did such a great lens job on Expression Session 1, but the boys put on such a show all I had to do was point and shoot"

("I'm up for that" replied The Dude, concentrating on lookin' cool)
After returning from, what Pooh Bear would say was the great "Expotition", Rouge suggested a final session. The Dude was up to the challenge and, after a couple of rejuvenating stem cell ginger biscuits, what took place over a period of 40 minutes is one of the greatest sessions of oldfartsurfing ever photographed.

("Wow, its pumpin'" said Rouge)
 Rouge was pumped like a Tigger and bounced down the beach with so much enthusiasm he forgot to put his wettie on.  "I surfed the whole 40 minutes and didn't feel cold at all, it was so much fun" Rouge enthused.
(Rouge bounces to his feet on the first wave)
(and bounces an enthusiastic bottom turn)
Meanwhile, The Cool Dude ambled down the beach , stood by the water's edge, stared into the horizon for seconds that seemed like hours, then, putting a hand to his face as the crowd drew a collective breath, casually took off his sunnies and and handed them to a lady in waiting and said " time to go surfin'".
(The Dude cool off the bottom , expressing his style on the liquid canvass
The Mexican said "that was the coolest entry I've ever seen in an Old Farts Surf. Co. Expression Session.  Some people in the crowd even classified it as a re-entry because it was the second surf he'd had that day."
(Rouge fangs into anoother one, note the left hand style - kind of reverse gay)
(A lady in waiting admires the expression of the two oldfartsurfers)
(The Dude hangin' cool)
(Rouge pulls off a barrel roll in the foam ball)
Rouge said, "Hey man, it was like I had just had five double expressos and a bucket of hot chocolate, I had so much energy to burn out there.  However, when I had to be wrapped in a hypothermia recovery blanket later I realised that I was surfing like a crazy many just trying to keep warm"
(The hyper Rouge bounces over the top of the cool Dude)
The Mexican said "The Dude had the opposite reaction to the cold water, he simply stayed cool.  Man, I've never seen such cool surfing"
(The Dude with frozen poise)
(Rouge feels like flying and does - still has that left hand reverse gay action going)
(Beach activity while the show went on)
A girl on the beach in a black bikini sauntered past the Mex with his camera and whispered "Rouge is hot but I prefer the Cool Dude because his wetsuit is so black and shiny and would go so well with my reverse tan."  "All I could do was mumble 'wowser' and she gave me a look and kept on sauntering" said Mex.
(The Dude and Rouge, euphoric after the intense Expression Session)
The two oldfartsurfers had completely different styles but had a deep respect for each other's form of expression on liquid canvass.  They left the water together dreaming up a new surf movement that would be a hybrid of their two styles "Cool Energy", "Lethargic Hype" & "New Aged Cold Fusion" are names being bandied about amongst the uber-cool oldfartsurfers. 

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02 May 2010

OFSC Bucket Hats Latest Teen Fad

Old Farts Surf Co. (OFSC) is receiving repeat orders for bucket hats from oldfartsurfers around the world due to the latest teenage craze - teenage girls are taking to wearing their fathers and grandfather's OFSC Bucket Hats.

The Good Woman, said "when I conceived the idea of bucket hats, I was thinking of beach apparel for mature men, but they really work for the young ladies.  Not only are they wearing them at the beach but also at birthday parties and sleepovers."  According to the Head Honcho of the OFSC , The Mexican, to be really trendy the girls must wear a hat that has been pre-loved by their old man, grandfather or uncle.  "That's why we're getting the replacement orders, the guys can't get their hats back, and they can't live or be seen at the beach without them".