25 April 2010

Expression Session 1 - The Mexican

The fans have been waiting for it and now at last here it is - the final installment from the Old Farts Surf Co. Expression Session 1.  Arguably, the best has been kept for last as Canadian upstart Moose has captured the elegance and aplomb that a true oldfartsurfer on an Old Farts Surf Co. hollow timber board brings to the art of surfing.
(The Mex glides like a sea eagle on his hollow timber board while resting his right elbow on the top of the wave)
This session is memorable as it is the last installment of photos from Moose who will soon return Canuckland.  "The Mex was gliding with the grace of a sea eagle but had the power and spring in his legs like a young gazelle" said Moose.  "It was a priviledge to witness the surf expressions in that session with the Mex firing" she said. 
(The Mex with a spring in his leges like a gazelle)
The Dude said "this is what oldfartsurfers do, riding waves for riding the waves sake, with grace and style and purity of purpose."  "No flashy logos around here" said The Other Dude.  "Express yourself" said Madonna.  "Art for art sake, money for god sake" said some old song.
(The Mex glides gracefully allowing the lip of the wave to caress his shoulder while he catches up with the spray of an earlier bottom turn)
Spot put on a pair of fins and overcame his fear of the men in grey suits to swim out to take some water shots.  "I thought the expression and art in thewater were informed by surreal spiritualism" said Spot when he got back to the beach.  "It certainly inspired me to take some great photos" he said.
(Spot's photo of Mex's surfing expression informed by surreal spiritualism)
When the media asked if the Old Farts Surf Co. was going to have another expressions session, Head Honcho, The Mexican said "it will happen when the spirits of the oldfartsurfers aligned with either Mars or Jupiter."  Well Hughey knows when the next age of Aquarius will be but for now we will have to be satisfied with reviewing these wonderful photos taken by Moose with water shots from Spot and the Mex .

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