07 April 2010

SUP Action from Expression Session 1

(Oldfartsufer Nic cutting loose on his trusty SUP)
Whilst Canadian upstart Moose was taking photos of the oldfartsurfers performing in Expression Session 1, Macho left the water and suggested she point the camera up the beach at Oldfartsurfer Nic who was enjoying a few waves to himself on his trusty SUP.  The resulting photo wins a Topshot award.
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Anonymous said...

Geez Moose, there you go again you upstart! I've submitted countless photos (well at least a dozen) and all I get is "...cool".

p.s. what is a topshot anyway? Hoping to catch you at the annual OFSC award ceremony where all shall be revealed.

Oldfartsurfer said...

Geez Anonymous - you could get arrested for some of those photos you submitted.