29 September 2010

Old Farts Surf Co Fabulous Tour of Coolangatta Days 1 & 2

Avid readers may be wondering what on earth has happened to the oldfartsurfers over the past month.  Well, to beat the winter blues, Old Farts Surf Co. Head Honcho, and holder of the Original Series Individually Numbered Tee Shirt No. 4, The Mexican, organised the inaugural Old Farts Surf Co. Fabulous Tour of Coolangatta.  The Mex managed to secure the use of his parent's time share unit as the team bunk house and cashed in his frequent flyer points to get there.  To complete the low budget tour he secured a rent a bomb from Coolangatta Airport (cash only in the car park and no questions asked).  "I was pretty impressed with the bunk house", said The Dude (Oldfartsurfer No. 12) on arrival, "it had running water, a mirror for the ladies, a kettle and a magnificent view of the superbank".  "The boys enjoyed an evening brew or two watching the evening surf from the balcony".
(Day 1, perfect onshore conditions for an uncrowded surf)
The Mex managed to organise a crowd free day for the first day in the surf.  "It was 2' and on shore and the only crew out were in a longboard competition, perfect conditions to get used to the place" said the Mex.  The Dude managed to get tangled up in the competition and copped a little verbal explanation on how to surf in a heat without being entered in the event.  "There were plenty of waves to go round and I wanted to put on a show for the spectators" said the Dude.
(Day 2 Action on the Superbank)
Day 2 of the Tour saw the surf clean up to a perfectly clean 1'.  The Dude and the Mex were now experienced locals and were immediately accepted by the crowd.  "Getting waves out there was easy as eating cherry pie" said the Dude, "all you had to do was catch the wave and ignore anyone who may already be on it."  Team waves seemed to be the way to surf the Superbank. "They are a very sharing community, you should tell all your friends to come and surf it" said the Mex.

(Day 2 action from the bunk house)
Stay tuned for the next installment of the Old Farts Surf Co. Fabulous Tour of Coolangatta where the team goes south and goes feral.
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