28 January 2010

More Day 1 Action from the OFSC Mobile Cold Water Classic

The Dude has supplied a few extra photos for followers of the Old Farts Surf Co. World Championship Surfing Splinter Group.  Some bonus behind the scenes action from Day 1 and some hot action from a local wildcard.
(Mex, Spot & Moose check the surf before their first round heats)
(Local wildcard entry gets slotted)
The Dude did mention that the left he surfed was the best he'd had since the famous Changu with the Mex and the Young Dude.
(Mex, Spot & Moose settle in for the evening meal at the luxury accommodation provided by the OFSC)

27 January 2010

Splinter Group World Series Surfing Goes Mobile - Day 1 Results

The Old Farts Surf Co. (OFSC) Splinter Group World Series Surfing kicked off the 6th event for the series on the Invasion Day long weekend with a mobile contest at a remote cold water location.  The Mobile Cold Water Classic was hailed a huge success by OFSC Head Honcho, The Mexican, who promised similar contests in the future to support the local community.  "We plan to bring all our sponsored surfers to these contests to show we are really committed, that means The Dude, The Mex, Spot and Canadian upstart Moose"  he announced.  "My only disappointment this year was that we couldn't get The Young Dude, The Other Dude, Macho and Rouge because of family committments" he said.
(The contest Scene for Round 1)
The first day of the contest say some hot action in left and rights off a kelp covered reef.
(Spectator boats take shelter from the wind)
This contest included entries from local wild cards who proved they could really surf.
(Round 1 Wildcard action)
Logistics director for the OFSC, The Dude, arranged travel so that all contestants arrived at the end of a 6 hour drive as conditions peaked on the first day.  "I'd been studying the swell, wind and tide charts and consulted local fishermen in order to get the contest off with a bang" said The Dude.
(Local lady wildcard wins heat, Moose paddled out to check the scene in front of Spot Mountain)
(The Dude sneaks an early score while The Mex waits on the outside)
(The Mex bags a keeper)
Readers will be pleased to know that all their favourite surfers and top seeds, The Dude, The Mex, Spot and Moose all made it through to the second round.  At the end of the day contestants camped out on a chilly night and kept warm with an egg and bacon pie made by The Good Woman and a bottle of the Dude's best Shiraz, snuck out from The Cellar.
More to come on Round 2 in the next issue.

09 January 2010

Rouge Splinter Group Rumour Gains Momentum

The surfing world is abuzz with the rumour that oldfartsurf legend, Rouge, could soon join Old Farts Surf Co. (OFSC) World Series Surfing Splinter Group.  Rouge, who has been in virtual  retirement at his Castle Hill estate since Easter, snuck out for a few barrels at Whale Beach over the Christmas break.  Apparently groms mobbed him on the beach for autographs.
(Rouge showing the style at Whale Beach over Christmas that could see him float to the top of the OFSC Splinter Group)
It is believe that commitments to his current sponsor, CBA, have so far prevented him joining the splinter group.  "They expect me to turn up at their office five days a week" said Rouge to the Oldfartsurfer when he enquired.  Surf industry spokesman and OFSC Head Honcho, The Mexican said "we are concerned with the introduction of non surf industry sponsors of high performance surfers as they don't understand that the need to drop everything and surf is at the very soul of the sport-art."  "We've got Rouge and his Missus signed up with OFSC Original Series Tee shirts individual nos 45 and 58 (don't tell his missus till the 16th January, its for her birthday), but the CBA wont come up with the skin for the requisite OFSC hollow timber surfboard needed to enter the events, in fact they wont even give him time to compete."  Rouge told the Oldfartsurfer that he was really keen to enter the next round of the Splinter Group world series on the wild west coast of Tasmania, but his sponsor is really letting him down.  Perhaps he can resolve the sponsor issues by February when the following event is on.
(Rouge wearing his OFSC original Tee no. 45 at his Castle Hill estate)
Rouge was recently heavily criticised by the Canadian fans of Moose, the latest recruit to the OFSC Splinter Group, when he suggested judges at the recent Splinter Group WCT may have scored her highly on her appearance rather than surfing ability.
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04 January 2010

"surfing on the Inside" - Book Launch Wed January 13

We have just received a note from oldfartsurfer, Mick Lawrence regarding the release of his much awaited book.  Here is the note from "silver grommet" Mick:


Just to let you know that my book 'Surfing on the inside' will be launched by Gary Bailey, long time surfer and editor of the Mercury, at Red Herring Liverpool St Hobart at 6 pm on Wednesday January 13.
Let as many of your mates know about it, the more the merrier.

Discounted signed copies will be sold at the launch and copies as door prizes!

According to the flyer it is a 276 pages of lavishly illustrated, large format, hardback book.

For more information on surfing on the inside click on this link.

02 January 2010

Moose in Secret Training Session

(Moose perfects a drop knee take under the watchful eye of mastersurfcoach, Spot)
Young Canadian upstart, Moose, not content to rest on her innovative prone style of surfing has been working with mastersurfcoach, Spot, to perfect her drop knee and standup style.  A source hidden in the sand dune during the secret training session said that she had been working on some nifty take offs,spectacular dismounts and a couple of never before seen manouvers.

(Moose manouvers herself for a take off)

(then moves into a drop knee stance)

(carefully puts both feet on the board)

(moves to the standing position)

(dismounts by reversing over the back of the wave)

(uses her skill to ride behind the wave)
Speaking from his office, Old Farts Surf Co. Head Honcho, The Mexican, said he believed from eyewitnesses that some never before manouvers had been performed.  "This is exciting stuff" said the Mex, " it will raise the bar of surfing in the Splinter Group world series of surfing when she translates these moves onto an Old Farts Surf Co.  hollow timber surfboard.

(Moose performs 30 burpees on this wave)
According to eyewitness accounts on one wave Moose performed 30 Burpees in a physical display never before seen on a surfboard.

(Moose and the "whooaa there" rail grab)

(Spot demonstrtes the "Jesus Christ" walk on water over the nose)

(Then Spot demonstrats the sublime elegance of style that makes him themastersurf coach)

(Moose emulates Spots elegance walking on water)

(Young fans of Moose emulate her style)

(Moose and Spot bring back the tandem board riding skills with this feet dangling in the water take off)

When the Oldfartsurfer contacted Moose to seek verification she neither confirmed or denied the reports but the grin on her face indicated that something was afoot.

International Audiance for the Oldfartsurfer

Checking the oldfartsitemeter from time to time reveals an international audiance for the Oldfartsurfer blog.  Recent hits have come from Winchester Massachusetts, Castlerea in Rosecommon Ireland, Aukland New Zealand Derby in the UK, Moutain View California, Hobart Tasmania, Sydney Australia, Los Angeles California, Encinitas California, Merchanicsville Virginia,  and of course the fans of the Moose in Canada in Chase British Columbia, Calgary Alberta, Waterloo Ontario, Toronto  Ontario and Powell River British Columbia.  Welcome everyone, don't be afraid to leave your mark like the Mexican did on this wave.

(Mex riding makes his mark on an Old Farts Surf Co. hollow timber surfboard made by the mastersurfcraftsman, The Dude)
The highlight for the editorial team here at the Old Farts Surf Co. Blog was from the reader in Winchester Massachusetts who Googled "Canadian Farting Championship".  "Did you mean Canadian Fighting Championship" Google politely asked.  The team were also pleased to see that we ranked 5th on this google enquiry!!  This was behind Ultimate Farting Championship, The Contest (1982), Farting in the Breeze and I wanna hold an annual World Farting Championship.  However, regardless of the auspicious company we are keeping in this google enquiry, the Old Farts Surf Co. is not about flatulance, you will be pleased to know we are sticking to our theme using an affectionate term for surfers who are aging nicely, just like a good wine, and staying stoked on surfing.
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