29 December 2008

North Shore 2008

RUNAMUK VISUALS/ North Shore '08 from RUNAMUK VISUALS on Vimeo.

20 December 2008

The Dude

This is a picture of the Dude in the wilds of Dreamland, Bali, June 2007. If you look closely you can see a reflection of the ancient spirits of the Bukit penninsula in his sunglasses. The Dude is a wise sage of few words, on realising the dropping swell was not going to produce ridable waves at Dreamland he led the OldFartSurfer and the Young Dude on a paddle to Balangan. The Dude led the way there and all the way back with superior paddle power. The ladies in the masssage shop across from our apartment in Legian worked wonders on our tired shoulders later that day.

Flop, Rockhead & Woofles

This photo provided by Rockhead is titled "Flop, Rockhead & Woofles" . I'm not sure where or when it was taken but the board Rockhead is holding in his right hand looks very similar to a Farrelly I had in about 1972.

My Dad Gave Me This Really Cool Tee Shirt

Original Series Tees are individually numbered collectors items. A bargain at $50 - and that includes GST!!!

Model: Ashton

Photography: Jon Morrison Photo Imaging



Rouge at Point Plommer

Rouge aka Grubbo on the trip we did up the north coast of NSW in July 2004. His father in law had taken his wife and kids to Bali. He picked me up at Sydney airport and we drove north for 10 days.

Tassie Swell

We had a big swell on the east coast on the weekend 13 & 14 December. Messy and onshore on the Saturday but cleaned up on the Sunday. Some excellent waves at Boneyard - cause I've seen the photos. The Old Farts Surf Team plus Jo went to East Shelley instead to avoid the crowds (and the paddle!) Still, we had a great time, and finished off with some ginger nuts supplied by the Dude.

Swells from the south have been small, best was Thursday morning at about 1.5m. Got a quick one before work. Aiming for another tomorrow morning.

Hey Rouge - where did you get that name from?

04 December 2008

The Mexican recognises Cam the Man. He needs to get his ass out over the side of the boat and contribute some grunt instead of playing chicken shit in the middle of the boat. What is the worst thing that could happen - fall overboard?.

PS. Honorary Oldfartsurfer of the month goes to 21 y.o. Lindsay D from Mooseland who surfed 1' Broadbeach on a lid and she slayed it.