30 August 2010

Byron, its just not Tassie

(Early morning Byron Bay, not Tassie)
Well Rouge (OFSC No. 45), after the comments you made about Mex and Spots trip to Byron Bay, you'll be pleased to know that the Mexican (OFSC No. 4) and The Dude (OFSC No. 12) got some great cold weather waves at Eaglehawk on Saturday.  Mex wore a Radiator under his 4/3 along with full regalia of boots, gloves and hood and it was still freezing.  The Dude wore his Patagonian yaks wool 8/6 and was warm but had to lay prone the whole time because the suit was too stiff for him to stand up in.  "There was lots of snow on the mountain and a cold south westerly blowing freezing drizzle into our faces as we tried to take off" reports Mex.  Despite the cold, the waves were a nice 3' with some nice long right handers on account of the southerly swell.  Bob the Bobsled managed to get Mex into the barrel but still failed to get him out.  "Its a work in progress" said Mex, I've been tying to get out of a barrel for 40 years now and only manged it once".  Unfortunately Mex had loaned his camera to his niece so there are no photos to prove how cold it was.  So, just for Rouge, we now show a series of photos Mex took on another trip to Byron a couple of weeks ago.
(The kid's showin off
(Oldfartsurfers sharing their waves
(Oldfartsurfing, the essence of pure fun
 (Looking for some shade in the Hot August sun)
 (Potential oldfartsurfer)
(Shot 2 of 5
 (Shot 3 of 5)
(Shot 4 of 5)
(Mex claiming Shot 5 of 5, having brilliantly switched feet in the barrel)
(Mex eases Bob into a massive cutback)
(Mex walking Back to the start)

01 August 2010

Spot Applies the Principle of Specificity to Surfing Fitness

Last weekend Mastersurfitness Guru and Oldfartsurfer No. 6, Spot, and Oldfartsurfer No. 4, the Mexican, made a sojourn back to, Byron Bay, the birthplace of Bob the Bobsled. 
(Bob the Bobsled the day he was born in the McTavish factory, 25th June 2010)
Spot & Mex were aiming to get down there for the traditional Eggs Benedict breakfast at their favourite seaside restaurant with none other than Oldfartsurfer No. 31, Les, and Oldfartsurfer No. 3, Yummy Granny.  Unfortunately, our intrepid epicureans missed breaky by about 5 minutes and had to settle for lunch.  "The restaurant obviously hadn't heard of the concept of the all day breakfast"  said Yummy.  However, the oldfartsurfers managed to scoff down two seafood platters in good time for Les to have a grandfather nap before driving home.
(Oldfartsurfers 31, 4 & 3 - Les, Yummy Granny and Mex wearing their team OFSC bucket hats and Yummy leading the team with her original series No. 3 OFSC tee shirt)
After lunch, Spot and Mex had a dag at the Wreck before Spot had to watch the Cats pounce on some poor insignificant team.  Meanwhile, The Mex wandered up to The Pass which was 1'-2' and crowded with missile mals and kooks.  "It looked pretty hairy out their" said Mex, "but I'd made the effort to walk around there so thought I'd give it a crack".  "Quite surprisingly I managed to snag a few zippy ones through the middle section that made Bob feel at home" said Mex,  "Bob had a bit of a battle with a mal missile that insisted on dropping in, but discretion was the better part of valour and bob came away unscathed".  Mex's sage advice for oldfartsurfers wishing to stay stoked is "its better to leave the 6'4" boofhead on the mal alone and live to surf another day".
(The Pass at Byron Bay)
After nearly wiping out half the surf school who were floundering on the inside, Mex wandered back and gathered Spot for a late surf before dinner.  The surf weary Oldfartsurfers couldn't quite finish their falafel smorgasbord served by some friendly hippie chicks but managed to wash it down with some BYO brews.  They then managed to watch the Wallabies smashing the Springboks till half time in the local pub before calling it a night.
(Mex cruises past The Wreck, Byron Bay)
The next morning Spot and Mex had a glassy session just north of The Wreck.  Spot got spooked and asked the Mex "are those fins dolphins".  "Yeah sure" said Mex hopefully.
In honour of the great Canadian Oldfartsurfer No. 5, Moose, The boys had a Canadian breakfast with bacon and maple syrup.
(Oldfartsurfer No. 5, Canadian sensation Moose in the Old Farts Surf Cafe)
Over breakfast Spot complained of tired muscles from paddling.  Intrigued, Mex asked Spot the Surfitness Guru what the best exercise for paddling surfitness was.  "Well there isn't much you can do in the gym to emulate paddling"  said Spot professorially,  "I would therefore apply the Principle of Specificity, which basically means surfing is the best way of getting fit for surfing".  "What a great idea" said Mex, "that way you can have fun surfing while you get fit so you can have fun surfing, that's pure genius Spot".
(Mastersurfitnes Guru and Oldfartsurfer No. 6, Spot, practising the Principle of Specificity)
Concerned for the health of Oldfartsurfers around the world reading his advice, Spot went on to caution about risks to people with cardio vascular, cardio respiratory or metabolic conditions.  "Any oldfartsurfer over the age of 45 is automatically classified as moderate risk" said Spot.  "This risk is upgraded to high if the olfartsurfer has one of these conditions or if they have two or more of the risk factors such as high blood pressure, obesity or a family history of heart disease or stroke".  "Geez, Better  better take it easy then" said Mex.