30 August 2010

Byron, its just not Tassie

(Early morning Byron Bay, not Tassie)
Well Rouge (OFSC No. 45), after the comments you made about Mex and Spots trip to Byron Bay, you'll be pleased to know that the Mexican (OFSC No. 4) and The Dude (OFSC No. 12) got some great cold weather waves at Eaglehawk on Saturday.  Mex wore a Radiator under his 4/3 along with full regalia of boots, gloves and hood and it was still freezing.  The Dude wore his Patagonian yaks wool 8/6 and was warm but had to lay prone the whole time because the suit was too stiff for him to stand up in.  "There was lots of snow on the mountain and a cold south westerly blowing freezing drizzle into our faces as we tried to take off" reports Mex.  Despite the cold, the waves were a nice 3' with some nice long right handers on account of the southerly swell.  Bob the Bobsled managed to get Mex into the barrel but still failed to get him out.  "Its a work in progress" said Mex, I've been tying to get out of a barrel for 40 years now and only manged it once".  Unfortunately Mex had loaned his camera to his niece so there are no photos to prove how cold it was.  So, just for Rouge, we now show a series of photos Mex took on another trip to Byron a couple of weeks ago.
(The kid's showin off
(Oldfartsurfers sharing their waves
(Oldfartsurfing, the essence of pure fun
 (Looking for some shade in the Hot August sun)
 (Potential oldfartsurfer)
(Shot 2 of 5
 (Shot 3 of 5)
(Shot 4 of 5)
(Mex claiming Shot 5 of 5, having brilliantly switched feet in the barrel)
(Mex eases Bob into a massive cutback)
(Mex walking Back to the start)


Anonymous said...

Now that's more like it! Absolutely freezing conditions, dreaming of far away warmer waters.

However I am still extremetly concerned that you are overdoing this Byron thing. Normally Tassie guys venture to warmer waters only once every TWO TO THREE years, not two or three times each year otherwise you start to go SOFT!!!! I recommend urgent therapy. Start with a course of early morning Clifton close-outs. Followed by a 3 hour session of onshore Nubeena. Get rid of the helmet and gloves. And I am shipping down my 3/2 wettie, please start using and HARDEN UP boys!


Oldfartsurfer said...

Rouge, you will be displeased to know that Mex and the Dude have gone COMPLETELY SOFT and are packing their bags and their women and heading to Coolangatta for the Tassie school holidays next week. The forcast for the first few days is onshore slop - serves them right, to get a good uncrowded surf you have HARDEN UP AND LIVE WITH THE COLD. The biggest barrels they're going to get will be at Wet and Wild.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff. Make sure you have at least 1 session at the 'gatta in your boardies, so you can restore my faith in your toughness. Pls send evidence e.g. "local girls go wild as tough Tassie boys surf naked off Kirra groyne" or something.