22 May 2011

The Field of Opportunity

Neil Young said, many years ago, "in the field of opportunity its ploughing time again".  When you're young (pardon the pun) you have it all before you and many oldfartsurfers are fans of Neil and we have benefited from what he sowed in that field.
Many years later, Paul Kelly, in his book "How to Make Gravy" laments the passing of time:
"When you're young you think everything's possible.  All of a sudden you're past the middle of your life, you've only done a fraction of the things you could have, and the field of possibility grows smaller every year"
There's always one more wave to catch.  RIP Reg, thanks for taking me to the beach when was a kid.

06 May 2011

Rouge Gets Burned by a Lid While the Ladybirds Fly

Following the previous blog about the Surferqueen (OFSC No. 37) and the surferbirds tearing it up, Rouge was inspired to make the following comment:
Good one Mex. But you failed to mention that on the VERY NEXT PEAK, OFSC #45 was quietly working the lineup, his smooth moves being reflected by the Birds and SurferQueen.

Rouge's smooth moves on the birds proved too much for a jealous lid who burned hiim with a perfectly executed drop in manouver, documented by the following photographic sequence:

To his credit, Rouge kept his cool and let the lid live.  "I was having a good karma day" said Rouge "and didn't want to draw blood and attract the sharks while the surferbirds were in the water."
Meanwhile, Macho (OFSC No 23) and Mrs Macho had a bit of a chuckle at Rouge's expense.  "Hilarious" said Macho, Rouge gets the award for the most entertaining wave and for showing restraint".  "If the lid had dropped in on Macho the lid may not have lived" said the Mex.  "He didn't get the name Macho being a softy"
While Rouge provided the days entertainment, Spot slipped out on the other side of the surferbirds and pulled some smooth backhand moves.
The Mex slipped out for a couple and tried to use the beach as launching ramp for some new aerial moves.
At the end of the day Rouge was philosophical about the lid incident and decided to fix his steely gaze on the horizon and declared everything was good.
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01 May 2011

OFSC No. 37 Takes it to the Young Gunnettes

In the true spirit of oldfartsurfing, OFSC No. 37, otherwise known as the Surferqueen, pulled on a white competition singlet and took it to the young birds.  "I figured it was the best way to get the best peak on the beach for half an hour with only three other surfers in the water"  said the Surferqueen.  "I got one good ride and a few more that I wouldn't have got otherwise if the peak had been packed with 20 other surfers".
(The young Yellowbird showed a lot of enthusiasm)
The Surferqueen started the final getting a good sized right and working it in classic style all the way to the beach.  Unfortunately, the Bluebird, an experienced champion, soon  snared a couple of good waves and pulled off some big moves that the judges scored highly. 
(The Redbird was a strong competitor)
The Surferqueen fought valiantly as a representative of oldfartsurfers around the world.  Not only did she have to out surf the youngbirds but she had to contend with a vicious rip to try and stay on the peak.  "At times she was dragged 40m or so down the beach and had to summon Herculean strength to paddle back against the rip" said oldfartsurfer Macho (OFSC No. 23) who observed the contest from the beach.  "Surferqueen was an inspiration and when the heat was finished I grabbed my board and paddled out at a peak down the beach".
(The Surferqueen takes off)
The Old Farts Surf Co. Head Honcho,  Mexican (OFSC No. 4), said "it was appropriate Surferqueen was in the white singlet, she was like the White Knight defending the honour of oldfartsurfers around the world".  "Its a good thing he didn't tell me that before the contest" said Surferqueen, "it would have been too much pressure knowing I had that responsibility, I just wanted to catch a few waves".
(The Bluebird showing competitive experience)
There were unsubstantiated rumours that Surferqueen could join the Old Farts Surf Co. Splinter Group world tour of oldfartsurfing.  Best known for Expressions Sessions on hollow timber surfboards but also includes the likes of upstart Canuck Female oldfartsurfer, Moose (OFSC No. 3).
(Our heroine reaches the bottom of a takeoff)
The Surferqueen's competitive effort was all part of the Old Farts Surf Co. Easter Classic 2011" said Mex.  "It was a true surfing festival typifying the ethos of the oldfartsurfing movement".
(The Surferqueen, crouches ready to pounce)
(The Surferqueen having fun on a fat one)
(Surferqueen aims to take out Redbird)
(Surferqueen style, forearm parallel to the board, pointing the way)
(Bluebird watches in awe as Surferqueen nails a bottom turn)
(Bluebird carves a heat winning cut back)