28 January 2009

This is the Dude in training on "Invasion Day". Surf was flat again so he led a fishing expedition at the crack of dawn to Mercury Passage. Final catch was 40 flatties, one squid that got away, one cod thrown back (can't eat Pommy fish on Invasion Day) and one gernard. The Kiwi flag was flown and the Treaty of Waitangi torn up but the bogans were all too pissed on VB to notice.

23 January 2009

The Mexican, still waiting for surf, takes a siesta.

19 January 2009

Just a reminder of what surf looks like. Pretty stylish so must be Macho on his twin fin.

16 January 2009

The OldFartSurfer thinks the lack of surf lately is probably a blessing in disguise due to the recent number of shark attacks on the coast, particularly the one close to home at Binnelong Bay. Hopefully senility will set in and he will forget about it before the swell appears!

08 January 2009

The Dude Gets Barrelled at Goats

No this wasn't today. Just because we've had a wave drought and the local banks are stuffed I thought I would show a photo of what it could be like. Photo taken by the Young Dude in 2004. You might well ask why he took this photo and wasn't out there with the old fart getting barrelled. The answer to that question is - he had tonsilitis!