24 June 2011

Sasquatch - Experienced Surf Expeditioner Joins the Oldfartsurfers

Swiss watch, Swatch, no - Sasquatch.  That's the name given by the students of the latest member of the Old Farts Surf Co. (OFSC) while he was teaching in Vancouver.  His lessons involved the study of optics and detailed assessment of snow condition as the class checked out the ski fields through binoculars from the classroom and decided which field to hit after school.

Sasquatch might have big feet for the mountains yeti was also known to tear the water mountains off Vancouver Island (no apologies for that, it was hanging there and the Oldfartsurfer just can't resist).  "We heard that the big hairy monster is now known to inhabit coastal regions of NSW and ride a 5'10" fish in cyclone swells." said OFSC Head Honcho, Mexican.  "We mounted an expedition and were so tickled pink to find Sasquatch and get him to sign up as OFSC No. 60." chirped Mex .  "Whilst we tried, we still couldn't get photographic proof that he existed, however, he did send us a few photos of his local break."
"We also nicked a hair out of his beard for DNA testing" said Mex.  "You wouldn't believe it but the tests showed that he is some kind of distant cousin of mine" said Mex.  "Probably where I get the hairy nostrils."  The tests also showed Sasquatch to be related to oldfartsurfers, 6, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 36.
An experienced surf expeditioner,  Sasquatch gave the Mexican some great pointers for his research trip to Margaret River.  "He basically told me to ride a small board so that the crew wouldn't call me into the big bombs"  said Mex.  "It was sound advice so I downsized to a bright yellow 6'10" gun so I could stay under the radar".
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21 June 2011

OFSC Easter Classic 2011 - Warm Up

When Rouge (OFSC No. 45) comes to town for his annual pilgrimage you know you are in for a big weekend.  The Old Farts Surf Co. (OFSC) decided to pull out all stops to attract their star surfer for the big Easter oldfartsurfing festival.  "Pizza, beer and a bed for the night got him flying in a week early for the big Easter Classic 2011"  said Old Farts Surf Co. Head Honcho, The Mexican (OFSC No. 4).  "It was a mighty fine pizza" burped Rouge.
(Hot surfer chick slashing and flaring)
Holding back on Mex's 18 yo Scotch, the boys were up early for a rendezvous with The Dude (OFSC No. 12) and a trip to the coast for a warm up session.  The Dude was looking like he had been bopped by the Good Woman.  "No, all's sweet on the home front" he told the boys.  "Just had a bit of work done around the eyes"  he said.  "Yeah, we know how it is when you become an oldfartsurfer" Rouge nodded knowingly.
(The Dude and a bit of work done around the eye)
Things were pretty damn perfect with sunny skies, solid swell, water just warm enough for a 3/2 wettie and a hot surfer chick slashing and flaring perfect peaks.  The visiting star, Rouge, dominated for two hours, snagging a bag load of waves and getting out before The Dude and the Mexican.  Unfortunately there is no photographic evidence of Rouge's epic session so we have had to rely on the verbal reports of  those trustworthy and reliable members of the oldfartsurfcommunity,  The Mexican and The Dude.
(Mex's head bobbing around next to Bob the Bobsled)
Once he got towelled off (much to the delight of the local birds), Rouge grabbed The Mexican's trusty Canon and fired off a few snaps that we can show here to prove it was an epic session.  "Mex got hammered, then got caught inside for about 15 minutes" said Rouge.  "It was a crack up watching his head bobbing around in the whitewater next to his beloved Bob the Bobsled".
(This bird was pretty impressed by Rouge's keg)
(Mex and Bob survived to tell the tale)
 While in the water the boys were joined by the Other Dude who was on day release from nanny duties.  "The Other Dude took up where Rouge left off" said The Dude. "And Rouge managed to snap one of him stalling for the tube as evidence of his raw talent"
(The Other Dude released from nanny duties)
Down the beach some dude was being towed in and snaring bombs.  Shaking his head in dismay the Mexican said "Each to his own but at this moment in time the Oldfartsurfers are relying on their pure paddling power to catch their waves.  Mechanical assistance is for pussies.".  
(Pussy on a mechanically assisted bomb)
The following week, Rouge continued his warm up for the OFSC Easter Classic 2011 by tearing up the local beach breaks while the Dude and the Mexican had to fulfil their 9 to 5 sponsor duties.  "Its a commitment we make to our sponsors to hang out around their offices, give them a helping hand and a bit of advice" said the Mexican.  "Its not all beer and pizza being a professional free surfer" said the Dude.
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