29 August 2011

OFSC Easter Classic 2011 - The Surgeon

Oldfartsurfer No. 68 is known as The Surgeon because of the precision with which he cuts through the ocean on his big ski.
(The Surgeon slics into a wave out wide)
Known for his goal setting prowess, the Surgeon, was determined to be first participant in the water at first light for the fantaastic Old Farts Surf Co. Easter Classic 2011.  "I have to be in the water first" said the Surgeon, "otherwise I feel like and underachiever".
(The Surgeon continues slicing without affecting the inside surfer)
"We allow all surf vehicles in our events" said OFSC Head Honcho, the Mexican, "it aligns with our various credos such as 'not giving a rats what you ride as long as you ride it' and 'any day you surf is a good day'".
(The Surgeon slices on down the point as the Mex enters with the water)
According to the Surgeon "I  use a big racing ski which allows me to catch any wave I want way out wide and stay out there away from anyone I may have dropped in on."
(The surgeon cuts a fine line past the Mex)
The Surgeon was soon joined by The Mexican on his 9'6" McTavish stand up paddleboard.  "It was such a lovely morning and I thought if he can ride something different so can I" said the Mex.
(The Mex chats to The Surgeon as he slices past)
The Surgeon is currently in hard training to represent the Old Farts Surf Co. in the Coolangatta Gold ironman competition.  "My goal is to finish, preferrably not last" puffed the surgeon to reporters at a recent training session.
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11 August 2011

Spot's Air at the Quicksilver Pro in Coolangatta

Spot (Original Oldfartsurfer No. 6) has become an accomplished olfartsurfphotographer.  His early works presented youthful artistic passion through a lens of travel photojournalism.  More recently his work has been influenced by the spontaneity and freedom of expression of the great surfphotojournalists such as the Mexican, Stu Gibson and the late Peter Crawford.
These two photos taken at the recent Quicksilver Pro in at Snapper Rocks show the quality and professionalism of Spot's work. According to Spot "the secret to these photos was superior positioning on the rocks".  "I outmaneuvered the Mexican (Original Oldfartsurfer No. 4) who could only get back of head shots" spot went on and on.  "In the end The Mex gave up and handed me his trusty Canon EOS 500D"
Spot reckons the money shot is the air by the white singlet during the Expression Session.  However, the Oldfartsurfer reckons the one red singleted Kelly Slater slotted in a sandy barrel wasn't too bad.  Having just won his 10th World Title the great man went on to win this event, the first of the new year.

07 August 2011

Taming the Wild Wind

Anticipating that the swell would swing south and maintain its size and that the wind would ease off and swing south, the Mex (Original Oldfartsurfer No. 4) and the Dude (Original Oldfartsurfer No. 12) planned a dawn attack on the local point.  The previous day's mission had been foiled by high winds and high tide and the big swell had been somewhat wasted.
(Mex & The Dude bound out along the rocks as a bomb pours 'round the point)
First light revealed a smaller swell and winds that were measuring up to 60 knots; so much for the forecasts.  Already rubbered up for the occasion our pair of oldfartsurfers paddled out regardless, repeating the oldfartsurfers maxim 'any day you paddle out is a good day' to each other to strengthen their resolve.  "The waves were small and would have been flawless if it hadn't been for the wind"  said Mex.  "There was almost as much swell coming back along the point from the wind, it was crazy" added the Dude.
(Mex and  The Dude launch through the keyhole as a big gust hits)
Being experienced oldfartsurfers the boys soon developed techniques to deal with the wind.  "Firstly, we only caught waves between gusts" said the Mex, "when the wind dropped to about 40 knots"  "The other trick was not to do a bottom turn because when the wind got under your rail it just lifted you off the back of the wave" Mex continued.  "In the end I just rode the barrel prone and relied on my belly to cushion the blow of all the speed humps created by the howling offshore."
(60 knots rips the top off this wave)
The Dude, handled the conditions perfectly.  He got his Dominator into the slot and bouncing over the speed bumps.  "Unfortunately these bumps may have been the cause of a little buckle" said the Dude.  "I didn't notice anything until a couple of weeks later when the bottom layer of glass delaminated while I was riding some clean 3' waves" lamented the Dude, devastated by the loss of his Firewire Dominator.
After a short while the wind became a blinding blizzard and it was impossible to catch and ride anything.  The boys retired to the Oldfartsurfcafe'(*) for fresh coffee and pancakes with real Canadian maple syrup in honour of Moose (Original Oldfartsurfer No. 5),  who waslast seen looking for waves in the north west passage.
(The Mex uses his belly to cushion the bumps between the gusts)
"I was happy to forgo the traditional gingernut snaps in favour of the pancakes" said the Dude, "it was hard to thaw out the blizzard ice frost bite on my cheeks and I don't think the gingernuts would have quite done the job."
(The Dude Dominates the bumps)
"It has all been in the name of good research, said the Mex, " you can never know everything about the surf, so we'll keep researching"
(*Special Note: those lucky oldfartsurfers who have the 2011 Old Farts Surf Co. calender will see this months picture of Moose, Spot, The Dude and The Other Dude enjoying coffee and gingernuts in the Oldfarsurfcafe')