27 November 2011

Youngest Oldfartsurfer Ever

The oldest oldfartsurfer in recorded history is Noah, who according to Bill Cosby, famously asked God what a cubit was.  The universe now has the youngest oldfartsurfer in history, also known as Noah.  He's pretty fond of water and and number twos (just not in my pool please) and has been recognised as a child prodigy oldfartsurfer. 
(Noah is pictured here at oldfartsufer booty camp, already media savy with a big smill and a thumbs up for the camera.)
(Noah, is already a proficient surf rescue professional and practicing for his first junior iron man competition.)
Readers are advised to watch this space for the development of a future champion.

The Sugden Tapes

Forget David Frost and the Nixon Tapes.  The Oldfartsurfer and the Sugden Tapes are coming soon.
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20 November 2011

Wave Hog

Ol' Pete is a true surf aficionado, known around the beaches for his white beard, white hat and marathon surf sessions.  A couple of years ago, as he was re-acquainting himself with the pleasures of oldfartsurfing, he travelled up the coast took a series of photos during some solid swells.
Hearing a rumour of the existence of a set of quality photos, the Oldfartsurfer had been nagging Ol' Pete for copies.  Finally, while chewing the fat out the back at a local beachy a couple of weeks ago, the Oldfartsurfer asked Ol' Pete "Do you reckon you could send me those photos you've bee talking about?"  "Sure" said Ol' Pete and the photos were delivered by disk to the Oldfartsurfer's sponsor's office within a couple of days. The amazing set of photos were shown to Oldfartsurfer No. 42, Rockhead, who just happens to work for the sponsor. 
Rockhead noticed a few photos of an oldfartsurfer tearing up a classic rivermouth that only breaks a few times a year.  "I know that dude" said Rock, "he's a member of the Wild Hogs".  Now Rockhead is torn between his allegiances to oldfartsurfing and the renegade Wild Hogs, who both surf and ride motorbikes built for geriatrics, but he was delighted to see the quite anonymous appearance of his Wild hog mate amongst Ol' Pete's photos. 
The Oldfartsurfer undertook to publish the photos in this blog and asked Rockhead for his Wild Hog mate's name.  "Wave Hog we call him" said Rock