16 November 2011

Who is James Sugden?


Anonymous said...

James first came to the attention of the Tasmanian surfing community in the late '90s when he started riding breaks such as Dickos, Mains, Muffler and Pinnies. These breaks require great courage aplomb and tenacity, and his exploits were at fist known only to a select few.

As time went on, the rumour spread to mainstream surfers and they began to seek out James for his advice on all manner of subjects. Of particular interest was his equipment, because he made it seem so easy. James refuses to reveal his shaper, but it is known that from time to time, he disapears from the local scene, only to return months later with a new quiver. He has a knack of making impossible waves. Rarely you may see him at middle Clifton, on the days when he calls into to see his mentor in the old fibro house along from the surf club.

So what does it take to get to know James?

Anonymous said...

To know James we need to understand his history. I heard, true or otherwise, that he was the prodigal son of Juan Kempes, the legendary Chilean surfer who pioneered Shipsterns Bluff bodysurfing wearing yak wool one piece bathers.