18 October 2011

OFSC Easter Classic 2011 - Rouge

If you've been following the series of stories on the Old Farts Surf Co. Easter Classic 2011, you might be wondering - "what about Rouge?"  Well its a good question to wonder, although if you have read the ol' Pete story, you may have noticed Rouge (OFSC No. 45) got a citation for a bit of rough play.  As you may have read, Rouge had flown in from interstate for the big event and borrowed the Mexican's battered old 7' rounded pin.  The board you will have seen him on when he last sojourned south and blew us away with his skillful oldfartsurfingprowess.
(Surfer with wetsuit top down and board, photo Rouge)
Although recently misrepresented by a cruel surf press, Rouge was the essence of a generous soul on the famous Easter Sunday point session of the OFSC Easter Classic.  Forgoing the opportunity to surf himself for most of the day he took on the role of official oldfartsurfphotographer so that the event could be documented for the future Old Fart Surf Co. Hall of Fame. 
(Surfer in cloths with board, photo Rouge)
Most of the photos of the OFSC Easter Classic 2011 are the result of Rouge's aesthetic eye through the lens. Fortunately, Rouge handed the camera to Spot towards the end of the session and hit the water, not on Mex's trusty battered ol' 7' rounded pin, but instead on Mex's stylin' machine, the 8'8" mal.  (The stylin' machine was last seen under the style master spot on a secret training session with Moose OFSC No. 5).  Rouge put on an soulful display of longboard surfing, even though it was the first time he had ever been on a log.  "I was so glad Spot capture that one shot of me stylin' on the log" said Rouge, "it puts me in good stead for a future OFSC Hall of Fame inclusion".  "In my mind he is already there, even though the Hall of Fame has yet to be created" said OFSC Head Honcho, The Mexican (OFSC No. 4).
(Two seagulls in the air, photo Rouge
(Jeremy's legs, Photo Rouge)
(Rouge stylin', photo Spot)
Spot's shot of Rouge stylin' on Mex's 8'8" mal is being considered for entry into major photographic awards.  "Never before have I been able to capture that perfect stylin' moment, but having Rouge do his thing on a perfect wave, it felt like some spirit arose from the ocean an pressed the shutter button at the perfect moment for me" said Spot.
(Dog, photo Rouge)
(Seagull on rock, photo Rouge)


Anonymous said...

Thank Hughey for Rouge's photography. Sets the scene perfectly - it's as though I was there!

Anonymous said...

Hey most of those photos were "accidental". I was testing the depth of field, focal length and picture structure. To prevent this happening again, I've booked myself on a course Photography 101. However I have let it be known that old fart Mex has one coming to him. I am trying to recall an incident at the Riverview Inn, circa 1971/1972. If anyone has information, could they contact me at RougePhotography@gmail.com thanks!