29 August 2009

It Goes - The Mexican Sea Trials a Resounding Success

It rained all day and the temperature didn't get above 7 deg C but that didn't stop the Old Farts Surf Co. on their mission to complete the initial sea trials of the prototype of The Mexican, a 6'8" hollow timber rounded pin tail. The key ingredient was there in the form of some fat 3' waves and no wind, much better conditions than the sea trials of the Dude Board several months ago. The test team arrived as the tide rose in the early afternoon. The Mexican attached a brand new leg rope and slowly stretched as The Dude and the Other Dude paddled out. The Young Dude couldn't be seen and made no excuses. The Mex paddled out and the board felt buoyant under his chest. He let the boys take a couple then a nice fat 3' wave came towards him. He paddled into it easily, the board immediately proved it paddled as designed. The Mexicans slid into the wave as one and the stable 21" width gave the Mex plenty of time to stand up and glide across the face, executing a small barely perceptible cut back then oscillated across the face before a nice little floater at the end. Perfect. Not only could it catch waves but it could turn.
Expert water craft designer, Macho. observed the ride from down that beach and paddled out saying "that looked pretty good", putting smile on Mex's dial. The Dude was informed and he smiled too, knowing four weeks of hard labour were all worthwhile.
Plenty more waves were caught in the 1 & 1/2 hour session. Macho took off behind the Mex to observe the flow. Lots of engineering discussion was held. Of the board's performance the Mexican commented "it exceeded my expectations. I thought it might be a bit stiff or sluggish but it took off like a cut cat. The take offs were easy with the extra floatation and it seemed to have a nice little bit of side slip on an angled take off to allow me to slowly get to my feet and get going. It obviously isn't as nippy as my 6'6" Afterburner but it is so much easier to get into the waves. the long lines will really suit long walled waves and I can't wait to have a crack at 8' Boneyards".
Macho's Missus arrived in the car park as the boys were getting changed and was impressed - with the board that is, but questioned the need to put an Old Farts Surf Co. Logo on the beast. Not to worry, we went back to Macho's for coffee and lumberjack cake to plan the next big adventure for the old farts - perhaps Portugal, perhaps Flinders Island, perhaps Cornelian Bay.
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27 August 2009

Prototype Ready for Sea Trials

Mastersurfcraftsman, The Dude, has finished the prototype of the "The Mexican", a 6'8" hollow timber rounded pin. The dude said" I'm really pleased with the result, its come up a treat and the Mexican is really happy with it." The Mexican said "I went out and bought a brand new board bag so we wouldn't get any grotty old wax on it."
The Mexican is designed as a high performance board with the oldfartsurfer in mind, a bit more length, a bit more width and a bit more thickness to give that extra floatation and wave catchability. Its a got speed lines for long walled waves but the fins are set to help some tighter arcs. Sea trials are planned to commence on 29 August subject to weather and waves.
Avid readers are pretty keen to hear how it goes so we will endeavour to give you some feedback on the trials at the earliest opportunity.
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23 August 2009

Fin Fixing Ceremony Finishes with a Stomp

(Fresh fibreglass fixes three honecomb fins for "The Mexican" protoype fin fixing ceremoney.)
The world series surfing splinter group has welcomed the attachment of three fins to "The Mexican" prototype. OFSC HH, The Mexican, participated in the fin attachment ceremony lead by mastersurfcraftsman, The Dude, with the Young Dude and The Mex apprenticing. The Mex said "it was an honour to particiopate and the fins were placed to perfection by the master". Asked why he chose to high performance honeycomb fins as opposed to timber fins the mex said "I discussed it with the Dude and we made the decision for secret oldfartsurfer reasons."

( The Dude fixing the fins assisted by The Young Dude.)

The fin fixing ceremony was completed with cans of euro beer supplied by The Young Dude. When the cans were finished the boys did the stomp on them to crush them for the recycling. The Young Dude is leading the charge on sustainability for the OFSC by recycling the beer cans.

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The Dude Avoids Mortgage Foreclosure - Sells Wife Instead

(Would you sell your wife or your house for this? The Dude Board nonthreatening handcrafted timber fins.)

Its hard to imagine the positive affect that the sight of an inanimate object can have on a surf community. The original Dude Board by the mastersurfcraftsman, The Dude, is making waves of happiness around the local breaks. When the Dude Board turns up at a local break it puts smiles on dials and a buzz of conversation spreads across crowded peaks as everyone wants to check out this unique surfcraft. Whispers spread down the beach and surfers start paddling over for a chat. The Dude said "sometimes I just have to paddle down the beach to spread the crowd and give the guys a go, but is good having a great old chat." "Most guys want to know how it was made, how long it took and how it performs, there is genuine interest".

Long time surf buddy, and Old Farts Surf Co. Head Honcho, the Mexican said "the Dude is a friendly guy , even without his eye catching hollow wooden retro fish, he makes a lot of friends in the lineup." "On a recent trip to Bali the Dude had us amazed after each session with what he knew about everyone else in the line up who previously had been total strangers" said the Mex, "and that was without his Dude board, a true sign of a genuinely nice fellow".

The Mex believes that "the 6'8" hollow timber retro fish is a happy shape, it is not threatening or unfriendly in any way and the warm timber colours evoke calmness in the lineup." When the crowd see an old fart with a fat wooden fish turn up at the break the crowd probably doesn't anticipate an aggressive wave hog is about to join the pack.

(The "happy shape" of the 6'8" retro fish.)

Some unkind people are a little cynical, saying the Dude only makes friends to put them off guard so he can get more waves and avoid retribution when he drops in, however, according to the Mex they are "just twisted and bitter and too afraid to have their names in print."

Hollow timber surfboards aren't cheap, even when you make them yourself. Very few people possess the craftsmanship and are dedicated to put in the hours needed to create these beautiful surfcraft. This is generally recognised by the surf community who are generally in awe of mastersurfcraftsmen like the Dude. Last weekend the Dude was asked by one of his new mates in the lineup "did you have to sell yer wife to afford that?". This new friend obviously knew the value of the board, but sadly didn't know how true his words could be if the Dude or any other surfer was confronted with the choice of selling their wife or foreclosing on their mortgage, They certainly wouldn't sell their hollow wooden surfboard.

16 August 2009

Rouge to Join Splinter Group

(Taking the drop at a secret location.)
The rumour mill is running strong word that old fart surfer Rouge could join the Splinter Group. The man himself has been silent on the issue but the Old Farts Surf Co. Head Honcho, Mex, gave a bearly perceptable knowing wink when asked the question. He went on to say that Rouge was one of the most naturally talented surfers he has ever had the pleasure of sharing waves with. No news yet from the Old Farts Surf Co. Hollow Timber Surfboard factory on an order for Rouge. To compete in the Splinter Gruop World Series surfers have to ride hollow timber surfboards.

12 August 2009

Daughter Takes Old Fart Hammy to Secret Spot

The last time The Oldfartsurfer surfed with Old Fart Hammy it was during the uni break about 30 years ago. They camped out on an island and had one of its best breaks to themselves for two days. The Oldfartsurfer had a rugby preliminary final the following Saturday and had skipped the Tuesday night training session for a session under the stars listening to AC/DC's "She's got the Jack" and sinking a few cans of Cascade Pale Ale. Unfortunately, the boys did a bit of sand dune jumping on the last arvo and The Oldfartsurfer managed to land in a hole and stuff his knee. The coach was far from impressed and the old fart had to sit on the side lines and watch the Uni Reserves lose what he felt could have been a glorious victory if only he'd played.

Old Fart Hammy is a lucky dude, he has a daughter who surfs and, it appears, is pretty handy with a camera. She dragged him out of bed early one morning to catch the first ferry to the island where the boys had their last fateful surf to a secret spot, we'll call Hammy's after his backhand dominance of the place.
Hammy's daughter took these photos of the supersession showing the Old Fart can still deliver on his backhand. He claims he made it out of the backhand barrel above but some doubts have been cast.

Negotiations are underway for a big deal for Old Fart Hammy to join the Splinter Group that will rival the world championship. "I'm thinking of a 5'10" hollow wooden fish made by the mastersurfcraftsman" said Hammy from the ferry on the ride home, "and my daughter wants to mount a camera on the nose so she can prove that her old man can make it out of those backhand barrells."

02 August 2009

Spain Welcomes OFSC Splinter Group World Tour, The Dude Heads to Spain to Negotiate Deal

Mastersurfcraftsman and Production Director of the UFSC, The Dude, is heading to Spain to seal the deal and look for sites for the Splinter Group World Surfing Championship Spanish Leg. The Spanish nation is absolutely extatic that they have been chosen by the Old Farts and they have been in full on party mode since they heard the announcement yesterday. Scenes reminiscent of a Beatles tour are expected in the capital Madrid on The Dudes arrival with the Good Woman.
Photo above: The Dude and his 6'8" retro fish being prepared for travel and the hollow timber board competition.
Photo above: Spaniards rejoice at the OFSC announcement to hold a Splinter Group comp in Spain.
Photo above: The Basque coasteline where the Splinter Group event is likely to take place on hollow wooden surfboards.
Photo above: Ancient capital Toledo are bidding for the event to be held in a sanding wave on their river.
Photo above: The Spanish parliament where the Prime Minster could greet The Dude and The Good Woman on their arrival in Madrid.
Photo above: Street dancers in Pamplona celebrate news of the Splinter Group Coup
Photo above: The biggest band in Spain leads the crowd celebrations chanting " Old Farts, Old Farts"

The Craft, How Much Fun Can You Have on a Plank.

The Oldfartsurfer suggests this video of some radical plank riding will get ya stoked. Heaps of hang ten action combined with sideways el rollo takes offs, an air!!, radical turns and finishes with a reverse rail grab. Enjoy. http://www.fastclips.com/videos/KUL29P12Ls1O

01 August 2009

Old Farts Surf Co Splinter Group to Rival ASP World Tour

Old Farts Surf Co. (OFSC) Head Honcho (HH), The Mexican, announced last night after a Board meeting of the OFSC, that the company was going to start up a splinter group to rival the ASP world tour. It is believed that the move was inspired by the rumour that nine time world champ, Kelly Slater, was working with a consortium of promotors of questionable morals to start an alternative world tour. (refer article this blog dated 31/7/09).

Photo above: The Mexican Prototype nearly ready for Splinter Group competition.

"I picked up a six pack of this new beer called Bee Sting to take up to the hallowed shaping bay for a board meeting with The Dude" said the HH. "It wasn't a bad drop, a bit over chilled, but the flavour came out by the third bottle" commented The Dude with a knowing nod of the head. The Young Dude compared it to nectar of the gods, but he'd been to the pub on the way to the Board meeting and his taste buds had bloomed earlier. The Board meeting was held specifically to discuss what the OFSC would do in the face of yesterday's announcement of Slater's rebel group. "In this surf industry with cut throat corporate strategy we have to be decisive in order to survive" said the HH. "We are going to beat Slater's rebel group to market and have the first event within a month."

Photo above: The Mexican prototype about to receive the fine touches of shaping from the Mastersurfcraftsman and his apprentice.
The OFSC Splinter Group will have an "all in the surf" format where seeded contenders will have to meet at the agreed car park to suit up and apply wax. When they get to the beach they will have to decide which peak to surf, usually one that doesn't have too many other dudes and has a bit of shape. According to the HH, "our point of difference from the ASP and rebel groups is that the Splinter Group surfers will have to ride hollow wooden surfboards made by the OFSC." "We think it will really draw the crowds who will want to see men (and hopefully one day a woman) of aged character bobbing around the beach of beautiful hollow timber surfboards".

The Mexican prototype up against the wall.

Coffee will still be served at either the Mex or Macho Cafe after morning surfs and a beer after afternoon surfs. Negotiations have already tied up three sponsored surfers for the tour and it is rumoured that The Other Dude and the Macho Dude could be signed up soon. The HH said we are looking at signing some big names like Barry Kanaiapuni, Tom Carrol and Bruce Channon.

Photo above: The Young Dude samples a Bee Sting while the Mexican explains the finer points of the new Splinter Group world championship tour.
The Macho Dude is designing a flotilla of hollow timber surfboards for the mastersurfcraftsman. Production is in full swing with the Mastersrufcratsman taking on an apprentice - The HH Mexican. The Mex pictured here putting the finishing touches to his prototype model, The Mexican.

Photos above & below: The Mastersurfcraftsman's Apprentice shaving the shape.