23 April 2009

South Coast Easter Magic

Rouge about to slash a Binji beach break
Rouge stylin at Binji on his backhand
That trailing arm gives deja'vu of Marrawah 1975
The casual hand of the leading arm
Rouge slotted on a small one

Looks like Rouge scored over easter, here's his account:

"Loved your “Feud” blog.

Here’s my Easter diary…cheers mate

Day 1: Easter Friday. Arrived at Bingi (5 hours south of Sydney) around 3pm. Had not been here before, but had surfed nearby at Tuross back in the 70’s. Unpacked the car, settled everyone in. Light NE blowing. Ocean visible. Cruised down to Bingi Point. Two guys out. Neat 3’ left and right beach breaks. Surfed for one hour, best surf I’d had in over a year (I don’t usually surf in Sydney).

Day 2: party time. Spent all day setting up for Jo’s 50th. Great night, played guitar till 2am.

Day 3: Sunday recovery day.

Day 4: Monday. Light SE blowing. Cruised down to Bingi north side around 11am. 2 guys out. Fantastic 3’ right handers peeling off the end of a rip near the point. Great session, finished with a little head dip.

Day 5: Tuesday. Surf tiny. Take kids for a boogie board. Paddle out and catch a few 1’ waves. Noone out. Beautiful crystal clear water.

Day 6: Wednesday. Surf tiny. 1’ waves south side of Bingi point. Took the young kids out for a boogie board, then surfed 1’ waves to myself for half an hour. See photos…

Day 7: Travelling home this morning. Get up early to see that a big swell has arrived. I paddle out North side of Bingi at 8am. I’m the only surfer in sight, not even a car in the car park. Beach is like a washing machine. Huge peaks breaking almost 100m out. Manage to get out, float around for half an hour but cannot catch a wave! Strong offshore, so quite cold. Still no surfers, guess they are all a lot wiser and have headed to the points probably Mullumburra or even Pink Rocks. Get out after half an hour, pack the car and head home.

To me, this is the essence of surfing. Isolated back beaches, with a couple of mates or locals. Great surf, great feeling."
Easter 2009

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