01 April 2009

Master SurfCraftsman on Track with Prototype Dude Board

Master SurfCraftsman, The Dude, is making steady progress on his prototype 6'8" western red cedar retro fish . Head full of saw dust, perspiration and covered in glue, The Dude poked his head up from his workshop for a brief coffee break and a chat with the Oldfartsurfer. "Progress is great" he said, "but we can't forget our roots. This is how they made boards in the 1920's using solid timbers and copper nails. We're adopting traditional methods but using lighter timbers and modern epoxy glue's and fibreglassing techniques to produce something lightweight, modern and surfable while keeping tradition and a link to the past."
The Dude said "we've laid up the hull and bottom rails and its really starting to take shape."
The Oldfartsurfer will be keeping you posted on the progress and sea trials of this exciting surf craft. Something special is being created here and the rest of the surfing industry is keeping a close eye on developments.

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