19 April 2009

Fine Art Surfcraft takes Shape

The view from the nose showing the creative use of timber

The clean curvature from nose to tail.

The fine touches to the 6'8" hollow timber retro fish being created by The Dude are complete and it is now waiting for a tin of UV resistant epoxy resin to arrive so it can be glassed. By any accounts, the board created by the master surfcraftsman is a work of fine art and would hold its own in any gallery. The careful placement of the timber grains, the curves and the sculpting of the rail transition from full at the nose to hard at the tail are beauty to behold. A spokesman for the Old Farts Surf Co. suggested that if the board went to auction bidding could start as high as $3,000. However, The Dude said the board is being made to be used and not sit in a gallery being dusted by a curator every day. At 5.5 kg it is only 0.8 kg heavier than his glass 6'8" Nomad, despite its greater volume so floatation and wave catchability should really suit the discerning oldfartsurfer.

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