06 May 2009

Shiny Example of Surfcraftsmanship from the Dude

The Dude's hollow timber 6'8" retro fish is finished. The Oldfartsurfer says its a shiny example of surfcraftsmanship from the master surfcraftsman himself. The final coat of expoxy has set and sea trials are about to commence.
Former four time World Champion, Tom Carroll said "Man, The dude has ripped off my fins" and then lamented "they are so much better than mine, they have the perfect shape that I spent so long developing but they are made out of this perfect piece of timber and they look so beautiful I could eat them". The Dude settled the copyright suit out of court by making Tom his famous gnochi gorganzola and home made capaccino. "Tom's a cool cat" said the Dude, " but he's becoming a bit of a fat cat the way he eats so much, he's like Occy on the roids".

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