26 May 2009

Best Sea Trials Ever While Samoa Beckons

No photographic evidence yet but the Dude reports the best sea trials of the dude Boardever in 3' Eaglehawk. The mastersurfcraftsman reports that he and the board became one artful wave dancing organism as the board slid effortlessly over the glassy faces and carved smooth arcs commensurate with a 6'8' hollow timber fish carrying an oldfartsurfer.

The Mexican reflected on the missed opportunity to throw a sicky, chained to the office chair dreaming of perfect barrels he's going to get in Samoa in 2 weeks time. See attached photo for the break in front of his accommodation. When he got home a neat package from World Surfaris had arrived with his tickets. Stay tuned for more adventures.
The Mexican also had a surprise rap with The Doctor today while they checked out this blog and the web site (http://www.oldfartsurf.com.au/ - click on Stephanie) while the patients waited patiently (always wanted to use those two words together in a sentence). The Doc is now a confessed oldfartsurfer with sticker sponsorship and an XL Original Series Old Fart Surf Co. individually numbered Tee shirt on order (order by emailing oldfart@oldfarsurf.com.au with size an preferred colour).

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