27 March 2010

Expression Session 1 - Spot

Here is another treat from our "featured surfers ofthe Expression Session 1" series held by the Old Farts Surf Co. earlier this year.  This time our featured surfer is Spot.  He has embraced surfing with the old farts with renewed vigour, some say inspired by Canadian upstart Moose.
(Spot paddles out to express himself and watches as The Dude conducts a symphony)
The fine photgraghic eye of Moose captured the photos from the shore, while the Mexican braved the ocean and what learks therein to swim around with a pair of fins to get the up close and personal water shots of the surfers expressing themselves.
(Spot the astronaut launches in to space)
Through his surfing, Spot expressed his secret desire to become an astronaut.  "I didn't know I had the secret desire until I saw the wave face and I just thought 'what a perfect canvass to express my inner astronaut'" said the surprised Spot.  Photographer Moose said "he was a wonderful subject, so expressive and so creative"
(just like the Apollo astranauts, spot lands in the sea
 (Spot imitating the Mexican on the way to the launch pad)
(Spot paddles back to the launch pad)
At some stages during the expression session fans of the oldfartsurfers confused Spot with the Mexican.  The Dude said the two surfer's profiles were so similar he thought there was a doppelganger.  "the side profile of Spot and Mex is so similar, partucularly through the tummy area" said the Dude.
(Spot flys through space)
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