02 March 2010

Old Fart Pete

Oldfartsurfer Pete has filmed and posted this sensational video of himself on You Tube.  We can't see any wrinkles on the dude but we'll assume he has achieved olfartsurfer status with pure attitude.  According to Pete:
Old Fart himself..Pete Hodgson..testing the GoPro HD and my new (TOP SECRET..SHHH) surfboard GoPro pole mount in a decent barrel at Rocky Point. Notice the height of the camera off my board. Pretty cool huh? The GoPro HD is set at 720p 60 FPS. The camera and new pole mount are two feet off the tail and work great..the old fart..not working so well.. but thanks asking and for viewing and don't bother looking for the comedy rating on this clip. I tried but couldn't add it to the current rating system...
The editorial crew at the OFSC all voted this video 10 out of 10 for quality, innovation, admitting yer an old fart, but in particular the colour of the board.  We love green.

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