02 May 2010

OFSC Bucket Hats Latest Teen Fad

Old Farts Surf Co. (OFSC) is receiving repeat orders for bucket hats from oldfartsurfers around the world due to the latest teenage craze - teenage girls are taking to wearing their fathers and grandfather's OFSC Bucket Hats.

The Good Woman, said "when I conceived the idea of bucket hats, I was thinking of beach apparel for mature men, but they really work for the young ladies.  Not only are they wearing them at the beach but also at birthday parties and sleepovers."  According to the Head Honcho of the OFSC , The Mexican, to be really trendy the girls must wear a hat that has been pre-loved by their old man, grandfather or uncle.  "That's why we're getting the replacement orders, the guys can't get their hats back, and they can't live or be seen at the beach without them".


Anonymous said...

Damn! Good move, but I like my bucket hat. But when my kids find out that it's now trendy, I guess it's only days before I lose it. I wore it to the soccer the other day and got lots of looks/stares/ogles I thought it was because I did not have my shirt on but now realise it must have been the hat!


Oldfartsurfer said...

That's a great recommendation for the OFSC bucket hat R. You can leave your shirt off and if you are wearing the hat no one will notice.