08 February 2010

The Mexican Embarrased by Old Fart Surfer No. 26

(The undisclosed east coast beach which was the scene of the Head Honcho's embarrassment)
Old Farts Surf Co. head honcho, the Mexican, was seriously embarassed at an undisclosed east coast beach earlier today.  He turned up at equiped with his faithful Mexican hollow timber surfboard and his mal, all ready to surf but ran into oldfartsurfer, Tommo, who was proudly wearing his original No. 26 OFSC Tee shirt.  Tommo suggested a fine was in order for any genuine oldfartsurfer who turns up for a surf not wearing his original OFSC Tee shirt.  The Dude agreed suggesting "its like bikies going for a rumble and not wearing their colours".  Agreement on the level of fine is yet to be made, but insiders suggest that it is likely to include brown liquid with bubbles and hops.
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Anonymous said...

I suspect the Mexican was hoping to get a few tubes to himself. After his recent poor showing in the far north west, the rumour is that he has been sneaking off to remote breaks to brush up on his repetoire.

I think this time we let him off with a stern warning, and put all other old farts on high alert status. As the OFSC grows the chance of getting a surf without media interest is over.


Anonymous said...

Fending off the media scrum all the time Rouge.