16 February 2010

Macho Family Big Day Out

Oldfartsurfer No. 23, Macho, is the Old Fart Surf Co. Director of Surfboard Architecture. What he doesn't know about Bernoulli's theorum and laminar flow isn't worth writing on the back of a postage stamp. Not content with keeping the mastersurfcraftdesigner secrets to himself, he has hatched a plot to propogate his DNA across the waves starting with hydraulic engineering first principles in the water. Macho is pictured here coaching his offspring in the fine arts of bottom curve, rail shape, channels, and fin placement design.

(The mastersurfcraftdesigner explains Archimedes Principle as it relates to ladiessurfcraft)
(The finer elements of the lift/drag ratio are explained to Petitette Macheo)
(Petitette Macho prepares for takeoff)
(Petitette Macho on first solo flight)
(Petite Macho explores friction drag)
(Petite Macho examines the effect of turbulance on floatation)
(Macho the Mastersurfcraftdesigner in sea trials

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Anonymous said...

macho wearing head gear? More like marshmallow I think ;-)