07 February 2010

New Mug for Old Farts Surf Cafe'

The Old Farts Surf Cafe, the place where oldfartsurfers chew the fat after epic sessions, now has a new mug.  The mug was presented to the OFSC Head Honcho, The Mexican, by Spot and Moose (Original Oldfartsurfers Nos. 6 & 5), for achieving 53 years and still being stoked on surfing.
"I'll treasure this for another 53 years if I make it that far" said the Mex.  "I would love to fill it with Rich Asmara coffee blend but the local supplier closed down.  I've already used it with the Double Mocha blend from my new supplier and the opening is just perfect for the traditional dunking of gingernut snap biscuits"  said the origional Old Fart No. 4.
(Moose, Spot, the Dude and the Other Dude chew the fat at the Old Farts Surf Cafe')

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