01 February 2010

Controversial Day 2 of the OFSC Splinter Group Cold Water Classic

The second day of the OFSC World Championship of Surfing Splinter Group Mobile Cold Water Classic featured great surf and great controvesy.  An early heat, saw the Mex pitted against his mate the Dude in an epic battle.  According to Spot the observer "The Dude and Mex went at it no holds barred, pulling out all the manouevers and competition tactics".   "It was awsome to watch, it went way beyond chewing the fat out the back" said Spot.
(The Dude Scores big time with this layback on the kelp bed)
(Photos above and below, same place same surfer,  35 years later, Mex emulates his 1975 style with this stylish backhand bottom turn)
At one stage during the heat things really heated up with Mex dropping in on the Dude.  "I was really fired up after the Mex dropped in on me" said The Dude,  "So I who paddled back out to ask an unsuspecting cripple if he had ever tried to stand up".  "I know it was really politically incorrect to do that in the middle of a heat but, he was really grumpy about it and I couldn't take it out on my mate Mex."  According to Mex "I saw Mr Grumpy give The Dude the eye when The Dude wasn't looking so we then focused our joint bad kharma on him until he relinquished and paddled in".  "That's what mateship's all a about" said the Dude, "turning your anger with each other on some poor cripple".
(Photo 1 above: Thinking that The Dude was too far inside, Mex drops in)
(Photo 2 above: then, Mex sneaks a guilty glance back to make sure The Dude wasn't about to spear him from behind)
(Fired up after his encounter with Mex, The Dude lines up an Mr. Grumpy, the cripple with the red board)
(Mex lines it up)
(Local law enforcement keeping an eye on things so they don't get out of hand)
(2nd round heat winner, afternoon relocated venue)
(Spot and Moose after 2nd round heat wins)
(2nd round competitor)
(big crowd for 2nd round afternoon session)
After lunch, emotions calmed down and the event moved to a new location down the coast to complete the day 2 heats.  According to OFSC Head Honcho the afternoon on the second day "had some of the most magestic peaks" of any Splinter Group contest series.
(Contestant scores big time with this new move, bottom turn to head dip as you go back up the face)
(Some observers lichen the second day to the great day in 1975)
(the Dude, Moose and Spot combine to put curse on Mex)
After lunch bad Kharma took over and Mex was struck down with a mysterious illness.  "I fell violently ill after lunch and couldn't compete in the rest of the contest" said Mex.  "That's what happens when you drop in on your buddy, it was an innocent drop in, The Dude was way too far inside but I deserved it, and there is a lesson there for all young surfers".  Young Candadian upstart, Moose, said she "learned how confronting World Series Surfing can be and the consequences of overstepping unwritten rules of mateship and competition".  She then gave Spot a good dig in the ribs with her elbow to make sure he got the message.


Anonymous said...

This is explosive stuff! I think you'll need to employ security guards for the next round. Or wear mouthguards...

And how you can say that the 1975 photo reflects your current style is beyond me! The wave is the same but the stance is completely different. It's like a butterfly versus a stink-bug.

By the way, do you have any more info on the new character mr grumpy?


Oldfartsurfer said...

Mr. Grumpy, what can I say, probably best left to The Dude who was trying to use his charm to diffuse an tensions on the peak but the guy wouldn't engage in a bit of friendly fat chewing. Some may say he was rude and others just shy. At one stage The Dude was chewing the fat with Mex and drifted backwards unknowingly into Mr Grumpy's pesonal space. Instead of one flip of his flippers, Mr Grumpy decided to hold his ground and project bad kharma. It was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

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Oldfartsurfer said...

I think I'll plan the next OFSC tour to Point Break, NYC, catch up with Brandy and get a boot full of beer. Feel free to visit us again dude.