18 November 2012

Goofy or Natural, the Big Question of Mysterious Moose

For those lucky enough to have a copy of the Old Farts Surf Co. 2012 Calendar you will see the November feature photo of oldfartsurfer No. 5, Moose, shown below.
Commenting on a previous post about Oldfartsurfer Moose taking a 150 ft drop, Anonymous said "left foot slightly forward. That makes you a natural foot which is funny since earlier shots of you I recall you as a goofy foot.  Or am I mistaken ....'.   Old Farts Surf Co. Head Honcho, OFSC No. 4 the Mexican said "This is a serious issue, examining the above shot it is hard to tell if Moose is goofy or natural as she appears to be walking the plank with some good old oldfartsurfing grace and poise".
OFSC No. 45, Rouge, noted "Moose is also spreading her wings in order to get some air, a move I noticed had been perfected by the Mexican last Sunday morning.  However, I can't tell if she is just in the process of lifting her right back foot in order to move forward or whether she has just lifted her forward right foot in order to move backward".
"We've researched the archives for previous photos of Moose and so far have only come up with the following photo of Moose riding a SUP" said the Mexican.  "As you can see it is inconclusive as to Moose's stance and we will have to undertake more research to settle the matter."


Anonymous said...

Good story.

I'd also like you to investigate rumours that Mex has rediscovered the spring in a recent North Clifton session, absolutely nailing several late takeoffs. Witnessed by old fart surf buddy and sled brother Rouge. No fotos other than zen like static stretch used prior to entering the surf zone. R

Oldfartsurfer said...

Spring in the air, spring to his feet on the late takeoff, is the Mex back in form?