20 November 2012

Is the Mexican back in form?

Commenting on a recent post on the stance of oldfartsurfer No. 5, Moose, the ever observant Rouge (OFSC No. 45), asked "I'd also like you to investigate rumours that Mex has rediscovered the spring in a recent North Clifton session, absolutely nailing several late takeoffs.  Witnessed by old fart surf buddy and sled brother Rouge.  no fotos other than zen like static stretch used prior to entering the surf zone. R".
 (Mex springs over the sand dune on a beautiful spring morning with a new zest for the ocean)
Fortunately the Oldfartsurfer managed to procure some photos taken of the Mex (OFSC No. 4 and Head Honcho of the Old Farts Surf Co.) on the day.  The spring spring in the Mex's legs is obvious as he runs across the dune for an early morning barrel.
 (Mex prays to Huey for a spring in his legs to make the late drop)
Whilst no photo of the Mex "nailing several late take offs" as described by Rouge, he did capture the Zen like surf stretch prayer to the surf god Huey.  We can only deduce from the spring in the legs, the prayer to Huey along with Rouge's unquestionable integrity that the Mex did actually nail several late take offs.
In a closing note, can anyone confirm or deny the rumour that The Dude (OFSC No. 12) has ditched the Delaminator and secured a 6'4" Bobsled called Baby Bob but has been frustrated in his attempts an initial sea trials?
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Rouge said...

Just following up on your closing note...I heard on the grapevine that The Dude put his BRAND NEW BABY BOB in mothballs then travelled to the mainland to watch some band. This is outrageous. Call the doctor/physch! Rouge.

p.s. my kids and many friends also picked up the band and raved about it. But what's the world coming to if a highly regarded OFSC can get away with this ~~~~~

Oldfartsurfer said...

Baby Bob still on month balls after another week of no surf. No surf day brownie point bank balances are maxing out and advice is they must be spent before the government raids the accounts.