27 December 2011

OFSC Easter Classic 2011 - Macho, his Progeny & the Oldfartsurfcaddy

(Macho purveys and grins as his progeny perform)
 "Why aren't you out here?" yelled Mex (OFSC No. 4) from the lineup as he paddled Sammy the 9'6" McTavish SUP back out for another 400m ride. "Waitin' on the oldfartsurfcaddy to arrive with the oldfartsurfingvehicles" was the response from Macho (OFSC No. 23). "and I'm havin' fun watchin' the progeny mixing it up with the big boys like Ol' Pete, Rouge & Spot."
(Little Macho paddles for set wave and Stylish Dan scratches over the top)
As Macho and Mex were speaking, Little Macho the Miniature Surf Sprog launched into a set wave. Initially it looked like he was a bit unbalanced, but then he pulled a massive 3G bottom turn that launched him down the line with speed and left footprints in the deck of he board.
(Little Macho gets to his feet)
(Little Macho leans it to a 3G bottom turn)
(Little Macho slides down the line with speed generated from his bottom turn)
"Did you see that?" yelled Macho. "Yeah, looks just like you Macho" replied Mex."You would have to look far to find a better oldfartsurfing role model than Macho" Mex commented as older Macho sprog, Stylish Dan, took off on the next wave and weaved his way down the point showing maturity of style learned from years of watching his old man in action.
(Stylish Dan, the future of oldfartsurfing)
"A lot of water under the board developing that style and these kids today pick it up so easily" said the old sage Macho to a couple of seagulls who would have preferred a couple of chips than ramblings of an olfartsurfer.  As he spoke the Oldfartsurfcaddy appeared out of the bushes and Macho's eye's lit up with a grin.  It was his turn now.
(the oldfartsurfcaddy arrives with the oldfartsurfingvehicles)

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