30 December 2011

The Sugden Tapes - The Oldfartsurfer Interviews Aspiring Politician James Sugden

OK, we've teased you enough and now its time to get serious and finally reveal who James Sugden is.  The reality is he is a mate of the The Mexican, and while the Old Farts Surf Co. is generally apolitical, James has a good set of values and we thought we would throw our considerable political weight behind him in his bid as an independent candidate for the Tasmanian Legislative Council seat of Hobart.
 As an independent, James doesn't have the political party machinery behind him. He'll get his placards out there, he's set up web, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter sites and will be door knocking the suburbs, however, we thought that by publishing this interview it would give people an opportunity to find out more about James, his values and character.

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