04 September 2011

OFSC Easter Classic 2011 - Mexican & Sammy the 9'6" McTavish SUP

Inspired by The Surgeon's (OFSC No. 68) cutting performance at first light, Old Farts Surf Co. Head Honcho, The Mexican, was next in the water at the Old Farts Surf Co. 2011 Easter Classic. 
(Mex & Sammy enter the water)
"I was so inspired by The Surgeons surf vehicle I finally came out of the closet with my new surf vehicle, Sammy the SUP" said the Mex.  "Sammy's a 9'6" McTavish and a cousin of Bob the Bobsled, my 7' McTavish Bobsled."
(Mex paddles Sammy into a fat one footer)
According to the Mex, Sammy was born just before last Christmas as an early Santa delivery after the price of McTavish SUP's were dropped by $500. 
(Mex gives Sammy a boost with the paddle)
"I've been in secret training with assistance from Rockhead, who borrows his son's 11' SUP." revealed Mex.  "If Bruce Irons can ride a pink 10'1" gun at Cloudbreak, then I can ride a 9'6" McTavish SUP" said Mex before anyone dared say anything untoward.
According the Rouge, who was sitting on the rocks making a photographic record of the session, "The waves were just perfect for the SUP, Mex really did choose the right equipment."
(Mex & Sammy disappear down the point toward the distant Mountain)
"There were a small crew out on the take off spot jockeying for position and generally only getting short rides, however, Mex sat, no, stood inside another 50m and picked up all the waves he wanted." recounted Rouge.  "Once caught, they had a nice little zippy section over the inside sand bank and Mex had Sammy spinning down the point for 200 m or more"
(Mex maneuvers Sammy over a small one as he paddles back out)
"We were pretty happy that there was a solid SW swell bending into the bay and no wind." said Mex.  "Taking off into the wind on Sammy in is not easy due to the wind resistance of my body, and on shore wind makes for a really bumpy ride"
(Mex paddles Sammy into a wave)
The Mex recons that Sammy really proved he could handle a fat 1' long point break.  "In fact I think it is Sammy's wave of choice" he said.
(Mex waves to Rouge on the rocks)
"It was a lot of fun paddling back out and chatting to the Surgeon" said Mex.  "I also had a chat to Rockhead when he made a rare appearance later in the morning."
(Mex chats to Rouge on the rocks as he cruises past)
"One of the great things about riding Sammy is that I can give a few paddles to get through the fat sections" said Mex, "a bit like whipping a horse"
(Mex & Sammy head back out at dawn break)

(Mex & Sammy cruising as the morning sun glistens)


Anonymous said...

Great set of photos - if I don't say so myself!


Oldfartsurfer said...

and there's more of your fine art photography to come Rouge