01 July 2010

Sea Trials for Bob in Byron Bay

"Wake up Spot, Wake up Spot, its 1' and pumping" shouted Mex (Original OFSC No. 4) when he returned from his obligatory early morning sunrise at Byron Bay, Australia's eastern most point.  Mex had just been the first person in Australia to witness the sunrise, was pretty pleased with this accomplishment and wanted to hit the beach for the second sea trials of Bob, his brand new Old Farts Surf Co. Mexican McTavish Bobsled, but he needed Spot to record some images of the trials.  Trouble was, Spot is one of the worlds best sleepers, famous for sleeping through cyclones in far north Queensland.  It took Mex a good hour to get Spot out of bed and fed with a banana, muesli bar and orange juice.

(Spot, counts Moose to achieve world's best sleeper title)
The Oldfartsurfers went out the back gate of the hotel and hit a spot known as The Wreck.  "Mex was out the back before I could get the camera set up" said Spot.  "It must have been a combination of his enthusiasm and the highly paddleable Bob."  The Mex slipped into his first wave of the morning and Spot managed to get the following sequence: 
(Shot 1, The Mex paddles Bob into the first wave of the morning)
(Shot 2, "It was an easy take off" said the Mex)

(Shot 3, "the wave suddenly jacked up over a shallow bar and the bottom fell out of the wave" said Mex, "fortunately Bob behaved himself and with some subtle ankle movements I avoided going over the falls".)
(Shot 4, and the 1' wave dredged further and came up to the Mex's shoulder, and he still didn't sucked over or catch an edge)
"I was pretty pleased with Bob's behavior on that first wave" said Mex, "a lesser board and I think you would have been digging my head out of the sand at load tide"

(The Mex cruises while a bird on The Wreck looks on)
(Some local fans of the Mex shared a board so they could both claim to have shared the sea trials of Bob with the famous oldfartsurfer.  "That's the sort of sharing and caring place Byron is" said Mex.)
(The Mex Cruises past The Wreck crowded with fans watching the oldfartsurfer)
All in all the second sea trials of Bob were declared a success.  "It was just like successful sea trials of the  The Craic and the Old Farts Surf Co. hollow timber board, The Mexican" said Mex, it was just joy all round.  "I'm stoked" Mex carried on, then he took Spot out for a proper breakfast of Eggs Benedict.  But there is more to come, the afternoon session at Tallows was historic.
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Anonymous said...

Great follow up story. But many unanswered questions...

Does Bob go left?
Does Bob handle 6' groundswell?
Will Bob make it back to Tassie unscathed?
Will Jetstar even take Bob on board?
Will the Dude be forced to upgrade his equipment.

Looking fwd to the Tallows photos - that is, if Spot remains awake!

Oldfartsurfer said...

Sea trials at Wedge this morning.
Bob goes left, but not as well as he goes right.
Bob can handle 2' Wedge.
A kind lady in a surf shop in Byron gave Mex some bubble wrap To protect Bob on the way home and he maded it safetlyl thankyou.
I wouldn't piss on Jetstar, Bob loves Virgin.
The Dude recently upgraded to his 6' fat fish, The Craic, but is contemplating going back to his 6'8" Nomad.
Bob accounted for himself very well in sea trials at Wedge, easily slipped into some steep peaks and when he lateched onto a little drainer he took of like a Farrari.